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That’s No Venom in Sony’s Rehash of Marvel Comics’ Favourite Antihero

5 Oct

Venom (2018 film) PosterBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Spoiler Alert

Ever since Venom hit the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #300, his fame meter can hardly outshine another star-studded film debuting the same weekend. The movie’s action is essentially Terminator 2 on steroids and given a The Streets of San Francisco vibe. The title character does not feel the same as the one represented in comics. Without an arch-nemesis, this anti-hero lacks punch. I wanted to see the white Spider-Man logo across his chest. Without it, the interest in this film was minimal, other than to see how well the CGI works this time around.

The version in Spider-Man 3 had Sam Raimi’s trademark touch on it. The effect looked cheap. With digital effects far superior now, the goo looks wonderfully slick, and to see the story from Eddie Brock’s (Tom Hardy) perspective is the right choice. He’s a television reporter who cracks down on local cases Geraldo Rivera style, and when he asks the wrong questions to Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the CEO of Life Foundation, he is out of a job. He also loses his girlfriend and has taken to drinking.

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Astronomical Messages in The Revenant, A Movie Analysis

16 Jan

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The Revenant is a very aptly titled film that shows how real life frontiersman Hugh Glass (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) comes back from the dead. Based on reports of how he survived a bear attack and swam through a cold river, this man has more lives than a cat! Technically, he was at death’s door after the mauling, but as for what he’s become, this movie shows how he turns into a shadow of his former self. If it was not for his exceptional survival instincts, he would be six-feet under.

In this movie and not counting what’s not said about his life prior, he must be down to his last life by the film’s end. The only reason he lives is because he wants revenge upon the self-serving Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). It’s because of him that he gets left for the vultures to eat. Unlike military training where it’s said that you never leave one of your own behind, this individual wanted Glass put out of his misery and left as carrion.

For the rest of the fur-trading expedition, Glass is important. He was most likely the tracker of this group and without him, the trappers may not have been able to communicate with the local tribes they run into. Unfortunately, that does not stop the Arikara nation; The chief is searching for his daughter, and he will command his forces to kill any white men they meet in his search. Although Glass’ married into the Pawnee tribe and has a son, that did not stop Arikara’s first sortie from razing the trader camp. They flee for their lives.

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