Fairies’ Release First MV ‘Synchronized’ Under New Formation

9 Feb

fairiescddvdBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Japanese pop group Fairies (フェアリーズ) have released through their official YouTube channel their first music video under their latest formation. The video titled “Synchronized” is the first without member Fujita Maria and will be released as a single March 1st of this year. Fujita announced through her Ameba Blog early in January her retirement from the entertainment industry. Fujita expressed interests in studying for a career.

Fairies will be promoting “Synchronized” with an evening performance at Zepp Tokyo in Aomi, Kōtō-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture. The performance will start at 18:30 (6:30pm) on Sunday, February 19th. Those who are unable to attend can watch the performance through the LINE LIVE app. The viewing url will be

“Synchronized” will be released with alternate CD covers of each of the five members of the current line-up (¥1,080), in a CD+DVD combo (¥1,944), and as a limited edition CD that comes with a desk calendar (¥1,512). Tax has been included with the retail prices.

 Fairies were formed by talent agency Vision Factory (now Rising Production) in 2011. Fairies won the Best New Artist award at the 2011 53rd Japan Record Awards. Fairies are currently managed by Rising Production and are produced by the Avex record label Sonic Groove.

Source(s): Maria Fujita Official Blog, Fairies Official Website, natalie, and Tokyo Hive.

Video Source(s): Fairies Official YouTube channel.

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