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Reading In Between the Lines in War of the Spark: Ravnica

30 Apr
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By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

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As a casual Magic the Gathering player who has been paying attention to the backstory on the cards, the novel War of the Spark: Ravnica intrigued me. The author, Greg Weisman is best known for his work in producing Disney’s Gargoyles and Young Justice. His vision gave us characters to love. With his original work Rain of Ghosts, the world around the Florida keys is wonderfully flavourful and his narrative approach makes the two books easy reads.

In Ravnica, the struggle is real. While I could not put down the Rain series, I had to start pausing and spend each day reading a few chapters. He is working in a universe not of his design. Wizards of the Coast hired him in their bid to return to publishing fiction and he should have insisted on focussing on a handful of characters he is genuinely interested in instead of the other way around.

The story jumps from multiple points of view and I prefer the one with Teyo the Shieldmage first and Liliana the Necromancer over all the others. With more than a dozen planeswalkers descending upon Ravnica to take down Nicol Bolas, the huge amount of characters involved are simply overwhelming. Thankfully, each chapter has a name of the person it’s focussing in on so I can jump to the parts I want to read.

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Disney’s Gargoyles 20th Anniversary Late Tribute

2 Nov

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Yes, I’m late in posting this information, but October 24th marked the official 20th anniversary of Disney’s Gargoyles on television. Can you blame me? Halloween was on my mind for more than a week, and I was getting ready to celebrate my most favourite time of the year that also included hunting for real life supernatural treats. When I’m a paranormal investigator, I can’t be stuck at the couch. However, I digress. As I write this tribute, I have the series playing on a second monitor.

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Disney’s Gargoyles are on the Loose!

28 Jan

By Edmund Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Fans of Disney’s Gargoyles do not have to go through the Disney Movie Club (DMC) to order the highly desired Season Two Volume Two release. It was once an exclusive through this mail order catalogue house and the months that followed after my editorial has shown that the Mouse does care. A tip from a reader to say that they have made buying this release easier and further monitoring of where this video collection can be found shows that the stone protectors of the night are indeed loose! This volume can now be ordered through Amazon.

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