Just what Do Otakus want During Today’s Free Comic Book Day?

Free Comic Book DayHurry, no run to your nearest comic book store if you love free comics! Free Comic Book Day is today and the plethora of titles fans of printed swag can grab from ranges from the simple dailies like Hello Kitty to the sophisticated like Worlds of Aspen. Other crazy titles exist like Zombie Tramp (not for youthful readers, we suspect) but for pulp fans, Buck Rogers is being offered.

The variety will depend on the level of support the local store has subscribed into. Gold and Silver sponsor level titles exist this year, and if the staff from Otaku no Culture can swing on down (than grab a nap or skip work) to hit stores at 10am, Ed’s eyes are on Dark Horse’s Avatar / Hellboy / Juice Squeezer, a sampler of three titles in one book; IDW’s Transformers vs G.I. Joe which should speak for itself and Udon Entertainment Corp’s Les Miserable’s Fall of Fantine. This anime-style take of Les Miz looks promising.

James Shaw may take a look at DC’s The New 52 Future’s End since he claims to be a DC boy a lot more than Marvel. But he will no doubt want to grab Papercutz’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

A good variety is offered every year, and thankfully there’re mice to chase down this year. Ever since Boom Entertainment got on board with offering a hard copy tease of David Petersen’s Mouse Guard during this special day, Ed would not be so rabid with seeking out those spectacular finds. That’s one must-have book to seek out for fans of this print medium.

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