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Riki the Rhino Aims to Tease with its Conservational Message

5 Jul

Riki the Rhino PosterUncork’d Entertainment
Available on Google Play Beginning July 5th, 2022

Riki the Rhino can easily get missed when parents are looking for wholesome animated films for their kids to watch. Thankfully, this film can be streamed too, as it’s uncertain if every big box store will carry the home video release.

This work not only teaches the value of friendship in the same vein as Disney’s The Lion King, but also animal conservation. In order to deal with the latter in a non-violent way, the fights are no less threatening than what one sees at Spanish bullfighting.

It won’t win huge awards because CGI is less than stellar. The production and pixel art is similiar to the effort put behind A Turtle’s Tale, and that’s only because in other countries (Indonesia, in this instance), the production houses don’t have the computer render farms PIXAR has. However, in terms of its narrative, every word and action counts here.

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It’s Dangerous to Vlog in A Town Full of Ghosts

29 Jun

A Town Full of Ghosts' Haunts Digital on June 17Available on Digital

Mark (Andrew C. Fisher) and his wife Jenna (Mandy Lee Rubio) are living in A Town Full of Ghosts. Believe it or not, these entities are the least of their worries. Instead, what they have to deal with is each other as they are alone. 

This cabin in the wood scenario is more like a town located far, far away from Route 66. However, they have friends along for this thrill ride. They have a cameraman Justin (Ali Alkhafaji) and his girlfriend Lisa (Lauren Lox) with them as they video blog about their work to transform Blackwoods Falls from a ghost town into a tourist trap off the beaten path.

The fact writer/director Isaac Rodriguez is examining this vlogger/TikTok culture gives this film some oomph. This subplot concerning Mark wanting to up his viewership drives at least half the film. As a result, what people are witnessing is his descent to madness. It starts when he discovers this town’s sordid history. 

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Want to Feast on Some Cold and Cheesey Tales From the Other Side?

7 Jun

Tales from the Other Side (2022) - IMDbAvailable on DVD and VOD

Halloween is early with today’s release of Tales From the Other Side. This horror anthology has both light and devil-may-care B movie style frights where three kids are left on their own to go trick or treating. Just who they meet isn’t necessarily a friendly old grandma.

This film created by committee is an idea that has its moments. And although the title sounds like the makings of a new franchise ala Tales from the Darkside, there’s significant differences. Alternatively, maybe it’s more like an EC Comics publication.

Neither does it bear any semblance with the audiobooks by Raymond Singclare Cobb or Heather Christie’s play of the same name. The only similarity is with how each independent work seeks to enthral and entertain fans of horror with tales of the supernatural.

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Kevin Nash Don’t Want to Be “Lockdown”

5 Feb

First Look At WWE Hall of Famer KEVIN NASH in 'LOCKDOWN' — High-Octane  Action Thriller Set For February Release! - Icon Vs. IconUncork’d Entertainment
Available Feb 1st, 2021 on YouTube

Not to be confused with the similarly titled Lock Down coming to HBO Max, there’s another work that deals with the pandemic. Lockdown (formerly COVID-19: Invasion) stars WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash (John Wick, The Punisher). This man of few words is out on the hunt!

This low-fi indie thriller nails the lowdown on what can happen when fear gets the better of people. The story written by Micah Lyons shows what if the world could not get a handle on the virus that’s decimating millions. Everyone has been segregated into groups and it’s by their choice to remain sick or not. In this tale, Rex (Nash) and his men plan on killing a bunch of squatters at a high school in the belief that will slow down the spread of covid. But another individual doesn’t want to see his little sister die. 

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Terror and Sci-Fi Persist in Portal Runner

9 Dec

Portal Runner (2021) - IMDbKairos Productions and Terror Films

VOD Release Date:
Dec 10, 2021

Not to be confused with the videogame of the same name, Portal Runner is an intriguing tale of sci-fi terror hell bent on making Christmas for Nolan’s family miserable. This boy (Sloane Morgan Siegel) is sometimes home alone and sometimes not. He can make use of mirrors (charged by a strange quantum device) to hop into a parallel universe. Each is slightly different from the other, and it’s not great when what’s unique in each are exploited.

The holiday theme about families coming together is gently explored in this modestly budgeted film. We see that everything is not always perfect between the 15-year old and his parents.

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