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Terror and Sci-Fi Persist in Portal Runner

9 Dec

Portal Runner (2021) - IMDbKairos Productions and Terror Films

VOD Release Date:
Dec 10, 2021

Not to be confused with the videogame of the same name, Portal Runner is an intriguing tale of sci-fi terror hell bent on making Christmas for Nolan’s family miserable. This boy (Sloane Morgan Siegel) is sometimes home alone and sometimes not. He can make use of mirrors (charged by a strange quantum device) to hop into a parallel universe. Each is slightly different from the other, and it’s not great when what’s unique in each are exploited.

The holiday theme about families coming together is gently explored in this modestly budgeted film. We see that everything is not always perfect between the 15-year old and his parents.

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Polina, A Magical Journey in Review

24 Oct

A Magical Journey (2019) - IMDbBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

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Olias Barco’s A Magical Journey (originally titled Polina tayemnyzia kinostudiyi) is a blend of several familiar young adventures. It sometimes borders on Alice in Wonderland territory such that Polina (Polina Pechenenko), an 11-year-old orphan, ventures from one fairy tale world to another. In this story’s case, it’s jumping from one film world to another to avoid being caught by the wicked witch’s minions.

Taking a slight cue from the first Harry Potter movie, she’s holed up in tiny room in her aunt’s home, a wannabe Cruella, and only has her imagination to keep her sane. She plays with little figures and one day finds momentos from her past. All she has is a torn-up photo of her biological family and a pass to the movie studio her parents once owned. This relative hates the idea she’ll take ownership one day and plans to kill her. Fortunately, she escapes and enters the wondrous world of filmmaking. 

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A Demigod or A Demogorgon? Who’s Knocking in Mile Doleac’s Latest?

14 Oct

1By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Oct 15, 2021
Seattle-Tacoma at Varsity 3 and select theatres nation-wide (USA)
Coming to VOD 

The Black Forest in Germany cannot be any deadlier in Miles Doleac’s Demigod. There are a lot of simple constructs to like, and even a terror that’s appropriately nuanced at the start before needing to make a full on screen appearance. This actor and sometimes director have a few films made under his wings. Although similar to Hallowed Ground, what’s changed is that the protagonist meets up with an inhuman rather than Native Americans protecting their sacred land.

Robin (Rachel Nichols) and Leo (Yohance Myles) are headed to her grandfather’s cabin to take care of a few things since he’s passed away. Unaware of this woodland’s history, they don’t realize that there could be trouble. After a tense encounter with a hunter (Doleac) and his daughters, they’re suddenly dealing with witches. They summoned the beast some years ago. It’s easy to see he’s mightier than Hercules, and those red piercing eyes… 

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Who Minds the Master in Cerebrum?

3 May

Movie Reviews 101 | Daily Movie Reviews & ABC Film Challenge | Page 2By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Available On Digital HD and
On Demand on May 4, 2021

The idea of transferring the memories to a machine or even to another host in a movie (or television) series is nothing new. The reasons to do so are many, and when the motivation is just, perhaps we may even have a curse for Alzheimer’s! If only the science was real. The movie Cerebrum by the talented Arvi Ragu is a very low-fi approach to examine the ramifications in a modern day setting.

The story is about Tom Davis (Christian James) attempting to reconnect with his estranged father, Kirk (excellently played by James Russo). Any technobabble is left to a minimum and I wished there was more since I’m all for various interpretations in how to preserve the soul (or one’s memories) after death.

This man’s mother died because of the aforementioned condition, and pops just didn’t know how to raise his son on his own. He’s a scientist. Due to the loss of his loved one, he’s tinkered around and may have found the means to save anyone’s memories to a machine. The technology isn’t perfect, and that’s where the son comes in. He comes home since he’s out of work, and volunteers to be a guinea pig. While he’s under the knife, so to speak, he awakens to find dad dead and another victim to which he has to prove his innocence!

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Spider-Mable is Web Slinging to VOD April 27th!

15 Apr

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Coming to iTunes, Bell, Shaw, Telus and Vimeo beginning April 27th, 2021 in Canada.

Organizations like the Make-a-Wish and The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada always wants to help children stay positive amidst any crisis. Sometimes they are fighting for their own health like Bat-Kid from 2013 and they make the news because they have a desire to do more than just fight crime for a day. There’s even a documentary made about him by Warner Bros. Pictures, the parent company to DC Comics.

Not every story gets told. Across the country, the most recent hero is 10-year-old Orlando, Florida resident Gaige Pike who is ROBOgaige. In Chicago, Christian Clark’s alter-ego is SuperBlack. who fought villains alongside Batman. Even tweens can dream; before Bat-Kid came along in San Francisco, the Emerald City of the Pacific Northwest knew Erik Martin as Electron Boy, who helped Spider-Man fight crime. There’s no doubt more, and they all make the local media reports to show the encouraging power of the human spirit is everywhere. 

In Canada, Mable Tooke is a cancer-fighter and a selfless 6-year-old patient whose desire to help others even while she is in the battle of her life proves even more children can be heroes for a day. It’s less about who the person wishes to become, be it a well known comic book hero or something invented, but more about what they represent. Each Make-a-Wish hero inspires others to stay strong as treatment of their ailment is ongoing. To know this young girl’s journey means following her struggles in the documentary SpiderMable, which won the Best Canadian Film title and the “Best of the Fest” Audience Award at the NorthwestFest International Documentary Festival in 2020 and more recently, the Edmonton Film Prize.

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