Look Out! Space Invaders: World Defense is Taking Over the Skies!

I can’t help but be reminded of the climatic moment from Independence Day in the fancier levels in Space Invaders: World Defense.

Space Invaders World Defense Title CardReleased July 20th, 2023
Atari and TAITO

Available on Android and iOS

Space Invaders: World Defense has the feel that players should don AR glasses while shooting down the titular pixel aliens in the real world. That’s because, to spin around and search for them means they’re after you rather than to destroy a city! Fortunately, this game limits the area where you can move around in, so you’re not running around the block in search of their entry point to our realm.

Although this game isn’t fully designed to have you witness monsters and UFOs blasting away at city buildings, I have to wonder when digital reality will replace our own. That’s assuming that we are not living in The Matrix; the more structures that are around means more work for the game to internally weave these invaders around. It’s a novel concept that will have most gamers loving this product’s mechanic as a lot of the animation and interaction is truly seamless.

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The Terror and Colour Symbolism in Blue Book, From #1 to 3!

Five issues of Blue Book will be released prior to the trade paperback slated for late August 2023 release.

Blue Book #1 Published by Dark Horse ComicsDark Horse Comics isn’t all that famous when it comes to offering titles concerning Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, but when they do, I’m all for it! Instead of titling it “Project” Blue Book, the simpler title is eye-catching not only in colour presentation but also narrative approach.

Here, creators James Tynion IV and Michael Avon Oeming give readers a look at a few well-known cases from UFO lore. The tale that kicks things off recounts the famous case of Betty and Barney Hill. They were the very first alien abductees, and recounting their narrative is the perfect choice! In later issues, we see how their lives have been affected. Betty can’t let the encounter go, and her inquiries set the tone for what’s still to come. Chapter three is the most telling, since the last one ended up in an abrupt note.

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[Interview] Secret Space UFOs and Darcy Weir, What’s the Connection?

In this documentary series, Darcy Weir looks at what’s out there in Secret Space UFOs and he tries to deliver some answers.

Darcy Weir and UFOs Publicity ShotUncork’d Entertainment

Darcy Weir is a filmmaker on a mission with his latest series, Secret Space UFOs. He developed a fascination with the idea of a reality concealed from the public at an early age, and it led him down a path of discovery to explore various facets of occult culture.

I’m of a similar mindset, and while I also embrace the scarier side (ghosts) too, he’s more about the cryptids and aliens. They exist, but to get the public to accept they are hiding amongst us means getting to truths few documentaries seldom want to talk about. He believes Ufology is going mainstream, and that’s good for those who want to believe.

In his latest series, titled Secret Space UFOs, he’s exploring everything that is made publicly accessible or spoken of in hushed words. There’s NASA’s First Missions, Apollo 1 to 11, and now Fastwalkers. The latter debuted this week on various streaming channels, and it should’ve been grouped together with his past works. The latest is a continuation, and he said, “I cover a lot of NASA UFOs from 1973 post Apollo missions, all the way up until recent years.” Continue reading “[Interview] Secret Space UFOs and Darcy Weir, What’s the Connection?”

Closing February with These Top 3 Best Reads from Dark Horse Comics

We present three of our most favourite reads from Dark Horse Comics that were released this month.

Dark Horse LogoThe best reads from Dark Horse Comics in February boils down to three titles! This publisher always has a bit of everything to love and technically I have four works which I enjoyed reading. As much as I tried to enjoy the new Star Wars as published by Marvel Comics, the imagination doesn’t hold a candle to one legacy release, Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures. This work deserves honourable mention, at least.

As for my top three, they are:

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Is There Room in Secret Space UFOs? Apollo 1 to 11 Gets Re-Examined!

Secret Space UFOS: Apollo 1 to 11 is set to reveal some dark answers to the mysteries when it comes to digital April 2023.

Secret Space UFOs
Secret Space UFOs

Uncork’d Entertainment continues its love for outer space with Secret Space UFOS: Apollo 1 to 11 and the mysteries that they hope to uncover will be streamed April 2023. Darcy Weir is no stranger to the subject with his past works about UAPs. From Secret Space UFOs: NASA’s First Missions to Volcanic UFO Mysteries which we at otakunculture.com reviewed, what he reveals offers something regular series doesn’t always say.

From the Press Release:

The UFO phenomenon has been recorded far beyond the boundaries of Earth with hundreds of sightings during the Apollo missions 1-11. James Fox, Darcy Weir, Mike Bara and Richard Dolan discuss this hidden history of UFOs in space and structures on the Moon. A history of NASA’s early Apollo missions as astronauts endeavor to set foot on the moon and go further in space than any man has before.

“Another fascinating, eye-opening documentary from Darcy Weir, SECRET SPACE UFOs : APOLLO 1-11 is one of our most anticipated non-fiction releases for first quarter, 2023”, said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment. “You’ll be absolutely intrigued by the findings in this film, and what Fox, Weir, Bara and Dolan reveal.   The truth really is out there, it seems.”

Says Weir, “I have spent the greater part of the past decade researching Apollo era UFOs and anomalies reported by our NASA astronauts. With the help of fellow filmmaker James Fox (The Phenomenon), I was able to unpack an entertaining and profound experience regarding those early Apollo space missions.”

Secret Space UFOS Apollos 1 – 11 Trailer

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