The Guardians of Wonder are Ready to Strike at Hollywood Fringe!

It’s Fringe Festival season and while its rare to have a show truly dedicated to otakus, Alicein Project wants to change all that with The Guardians of Wonder!

The Guardians of Wonder LOGOIn Los Angeles, the Fringe Theatre scene is even more spectacular when considering the range of talent who have learned the Arts here. The Hollywood Fringe Festival is world renowned! And they will be hosting The Guardians of Wonder, an anime themed spectacular, spectacular by Alicein Project! 

This team is better known for their stage adaptation of the popular video game “NieR:Automata,” and “YoRHa” series. It promises to fuse everything fans adore from anime, manga and video games into one really big show, if we’re to borrow a phrase from Ed Sullivan. 

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[Fantasia 2021] Alien on Stage is Freakishly Funny!

The production has that wryness and style which defines many a British sci-fi productions.

ALIEN ON STAGE THE DOCUMENTARY by Danielle Kummer — Kickstarter

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Fantasia Film Festival 2021
Available to Scream, er Stream On Demand
Tickets can be purchased here

Not everyone will have visited West End in London to see Alien on Stage when it first premiered. This theatrical take of the movie by Ridley Scott is not meant to be a high budget performance, but a comedic Fringe Festival like to take. Their parody performance is one for the ages. The documentary makers Lucy Harvey and Danielle Kummer deserve a standing ovation for being involved in following the theatre troupe from its inception to its inaugural performance.

Half the crew are bus drivers from Dorset, England and the other are simply close family and friends with a varying range of acting ability. They are an amateur group of community theatre performers, and I was amazed at how they got their act together. This team did their research and props to them when considering they didn’t have too high of a budget! The stage uses curtains and lighting to alter where the crew of the USCSS Nostromo are throughout the ship.

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Fool Munn Komming heads to Vancouver Fringe Festival!

Vancouver Fringe FestivalBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

There’s no way to easily describe what Fool Munn Komming is about. I can summarize and describe what Sam Kruger is doing on stage. To say he’s a spitfire of energy is a start.

He plays an alien which hatches out of a bag and looks at the audience like a chick wondering where mommy went. Every once in a while, he’s like Jim Carrey ala Ace Ventura or Steve Martin as Captain Smek from DreamWorks Home. We know he’s an alien from some unknown world who has come to our planet to share some experiences about his life.

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Charles Ross Big News and Reviews; Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things

One Man virtuoso Charles Ross best known for One Man Star Wars, and since its debut back in 2001, he’s performed worldwide!

Charles Ross

One Man virtuoso Charles Ross has more than one show up his sleeve. He’s best known for One Man Star Wars, and since its debut back in 2001, garnering attention worldwide, he’s expanded his repertoire to include Lord of the Rings, Batman and now Stranger Things. Of the latter two, they are not as often performed but if you get a chance to see him perform them at special events, they’re worth the price!

As demand grows for specific shows, he will tour. Netflix’s season three of Stranger Things is the most anticipated television programme to come sometime in 2019 and this act will certainly develop as the series plot thickens.

His energy has never waned throughout the years I have seen him perform. One Man Star Wars is part of the local May the 4th celebrations at Farquhar Auditorium at the University of Victoria in 2019 and One Man Pride and Prejudice is set to go live (dates TBA). When considering his roots with the Fringe Festival, local or otherwise, where he tests new material, I will be in line to see his take of this Jane Austen classic. It was performed at the last Edinburgh and Winnipeg Fringe Festival. I believe my English Lit profs would want me to attend.

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