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Ed’s Picks of the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival

6 Sep

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

When frequent Fringe theatre attendees can not get enough from one festival, thankfully those living in the Pacific Northwest can hop a ferry over to continue the fun. A few days is definitely needed to rest (thank god for Labour Day) to rest up before going from Victoria to Vancouver, British Columbia, performers included. This mainland side show starts September 7th and lasts for the same amount of days as the capital city.

Now if I can convince a relative to let me crash there for a week, the following are my picks of this show I feel are must see. I’m not repeating those I have seen already. You can click on this link to see my picks from the Victoria show — most of which are appearing in Vancouver.

Please click on the show titles for the show dates and to purchase tickets.


Chandelier-swinging, dastardly schemes and swordfights, swordfights, swordfights await as Sex T-Rex bring their signature cinematic style to the stage, dancing from The Princess Bride, to Final Fantasy, to Game of Thrones and dipping their rapier wit into all things sordid and sworded.


[Vancouver Fringe Festival ’15] One Otaku’s Pick: Kiss Around Pass Around, A Review

14 Sep

Revue Stage
at Granville Island
1601 Johnston St.
Vancouver, BC

Thurs, Sep 17 6:45 pm
Sat, Sep 196:30 pm
Sun, Sep 203:40 pm

One part Banana Splits, two parts Japanese Folklore and three parts variety show make for a very quirky show called Kiss Around Pass Around. Yanomi Shoshinz (better known as Miss Hiccup back in Victoria Fringe Festival 2010 and 2012) created this act which blends a lot of traditions into a kaleidoscope of fun. But just what is a Kesaran Pasaran? Not many Fringe show attendees will want to research this name prior to or after seeing this production during the Vancouver Fringe Festival. As this event hits mid-way, perhaps its time to demystify this creature.

According to one online source, it’s the name of a spirit of good fortune. It’s essentially a white ball of fluff that’s evolved from a plant. When the material flies around like the white parts of a dandelion after a strong gust of wind, the joy it brings is often a delight to anyone running through a field of them. That’s what this show is like.

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[Victoria, BC] How to do the Nerdy Fringe 2015 Edition

18 Aug


Various Venues
August 27 to Sept 6

Victoria, BC

Requires Fringe Button ($6)
Tickets range from $9 to 11
Available through Ticket Rocket or at the door

I’m fairly certain that there’s more than a few staff members at the Victoria Fringe Festival who are nerds too. I’ve met one person who worked there who is an avid LEGO enthusiast and I’m sure that buried in the closet are a few NERF guns. When nobody is looking, it’ll be time to bust a move.

People not acquainted with what the Fringe is about will quickly discover that the shows are experimental in nature, and the stages used are small to accommodate an intimate performance. Anything can happen, and the idea of a festival is to give new up-and-coming talent a chance to earn their cred. There’s a few groups that have moved on to bigger shows. The Reduced Shakespeare Company got their start at Fringe and Tom Stoppard‘s play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead was performed first at the Edinburgh Fringe. In a tiny way, Evil Dead: The Musical owes its debt somewhat to this method of putting on shows. It opened in a club before making it big. Musicals are just one part of what can be experienced at Fringe Festivals, and that’s what I tend to gravitate to when the Victoria Fringe Festival caps off the Summer.

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Hurrah for British Family Theatre!

13 Apr

By James Robert Shaw (TheWind up Geek)


Photo by Uli Weber.

If you haven’t yet seen the Olivier Awards on ITV tonight, then read no further. But to many of you brave souls who have, I say, “Then read on!”

The 2014 Olivier Awards, so named after one of the UK’s greatest actors of the 20th century, Laurence Olivier, was hosted at Convent Garden’s famed Royal Opera House in Central London.

The who’s who of UK television, film and theatre graced the red carpet with thousands of fans lined up to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars. Be they Dame Judi Dench, Arthur Darvill, Martin Freeman, Hayley Atwell or Beverley Knight, a few were fortunate to even get autographs. Some were fortunate to have autographs signed by Tom Hiddleston.

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