So What is Steve Gonsalves’ A Life With Ghosts Really Like? Quick Answer: More Busy than Really Scary!

Technically, A Life With Ghosts is not meant to dive deep into why Steve Gonsales loves paranormal invstigation. What’s presented is a fond recollection of his time with TAPS.

Steve Gonsalves A Life With Ghosts Book CoverSimon & Schuster

The question I have about Steve Gonsalves memoir, A Life With Ghosts, is if he truly wrote it all? I suspect Michael Aloisi may have contributed with the background information. Afterwards, the tone switches over to this ghost hunter’s voice. Thankfully, this consultant gets credited too and his credentials are listed on the back book sleeve cover.

Technically, Ghost Hunters was not the first reality tv style show about paranormal investigators. That credit goes to Most Haunted. Before then, there were television specials and one off documentaries which helped let people know that there’s something of a general (if not academic) interest in this subject. Loyd Auerbach is the leader in the field, and I’m surprised Gonsalves didn’t mention either him or That’s Incredible! Both were the closest thing to witnessing investigators in the field back then (the late 70s) and he’d be at that right impressionable age when both were featured on network television.

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Top 13 Scary and (Hopefully) Memorable Comic Book Reads for Spooktober!

Just what kind of nightmares can be delivered in comic book form depends on how vivid your imagatioin gets fired up after reading this list of must-reads for the Halloween season!

Comic Book Alice Cooper #1Just when I thought there weren’t enough comic book reads for the Halloween season during the past two years, a lot has changed since then. The publishers heard the screams and lamentations from not only myself, but others too. Thus, for this year, they must have upped the game to make sure releases for the spooky season memorable.

Without further ado, I present the best top thirteen titles I recommend checking out this spooktober! What I offer is a mix of both ongoing releases and one-shots.

Alice Cooper (Dynamite)

Oct 11, 2023

In this new ongoing series, Alice Cooper, the Nightmare Lord, has reclaimed the seat of power in his own dark realm. This series started in September, and here, his dreamworld was being invaded. Ever since the release of Welcome to My Nightmare (Amazon link), which came out in 2015, fans like me have been wanting more, and we finally have it! In the October issue, Alice must face-off with the Lord of Hell himself, Lucifer! Joe Harris is the team lead of this series as the writer, with Eman Casallos handling the artistic chores.

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Who Can Rest Beyond the Grave, When the Living is Calling For You?

Death should not be feared. Instead, it should be regarded as a transition point from one state to another, and Beyond the Grave is decent at exploring the various possibilities on what that may be….

Beyond the Grave Movie PosterAvailable on Digital Streaming Platforms Beginning Sept 5, 2023

Serena DC’s Beyond the Grave is a fascinating documentary that dares to tackle the topic of what happens when the mortal body is ready to shut down and if the spirit persists afterwards. Although this is not really a subject to discuss in the middle of Ghost Month, I’m sure some Asians are wondering if their loved ones are doing okay.

This filmmaker is better known for Contact – The CE-5 Experience, and although that work is about encountering aliens from outer space, maybe that’s what we become when entering the aether, and have to deal with a new incorporeal reality. As for whether paranormal investigators and ghost hunters can find evidence for this continued existence, that’s still debatable.

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[Victoria Fringe 2023] When the Phantom Pain is Real, What Else can a Lost Soul Feel?

Some memories should not be best left buried, but dealt with carefully. In Sarah, Mo, and We’re All Friends’ theatrical presentation, Phantom Pain, maybe it’s best not to completely ignore it….

Phantom Pain Promotional Image This year the theatre company, ‘Sarah, Mo, and We’re All Friends,’ presents a brilliant late Victorian-age ghost story known as Phantom Pain. And when Theatre SKAM is offering the studio space for them to present this performance as a work in progress, I’m sure there’ll be more shows to come as the rough edges are ironed out, and maybe get a revision or two. I even have my own suggestions (which I’ll address at the end).

In this story, a talented painter, Constance (Annalyn Kind), has not gotten over the loss of Fenella (Becky Miner). These two are soul mates. Sadly, consumption would claim the life of the blonde socialite. Their love is eternal. When they first met, the attraction was instant! Although that would form a rift with a mutual friend, Daisy (Tamra Marie), who was the girlfriend at the time, nobody could truly stay mad forever.

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The Deets on Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island Summer Vacation

What’s more scarier than vacationing with Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island?

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island DVDAvailable to preorder on Amazon USA

The ’90s classic Are You Afraid of the Dark? series has an all-new direct to video release! In Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island, fans can join Midnight Society members Kayla, Leo, Summer, and Ferris as they go on a summer getaway to a tropical island resort with some terrifying secrets. They will have to band together on this mysterious island to find the truth behind the disappearances taking place in the resort all while trying to enjoy their summer vacation!

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island will be available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment on August 1, 2023, for the suggested retail price of $10.99.

On this disc inlcudes the episodes:

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