To Ask a Nun to “Deliver Us” From Evil in a Movie Requires Questioning Faith.

What the Movie “Deliver Us” Isn’t Quite Nunsploitation. Instead It Questions the Deals with the Devil That Nobody Wants to Make….

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Just how many movies exist about nuns facing off against an ancient evil depends on whether horror fans accept this subgenre can stand on its own. I’m sure film historians are on the fence in accepting what “Nun horror” is about and with more than a dozen films issued to date, I’m none too curious to really want to watch them all. The latest, titled Deliver Us, was released a few weeks after The Nun II. As for which movie is better, I’m favouring this one.

That’s because this movie is like The Omen. It begins with Father Saul (Thomas Kretsch) confronting a bunch of Zoroastrians and that resulted in a bloodbath of decapitated persons. And the fight isn’t over. He’s sent to Estonia to investigate a strange virgin birth. Sister Yulia (Maria Vera Ratti) is ready to deliver twins, and it’s one of those strange pregnancies that only fans of Star Wars can appreciate. According to an ancient prophecy, one will become the Messiah and the other the Antichrist.

Sister Yulia in Deliver Us

And with no surprise, one of them has to kill this baby. As Father Fox (Lee Roy Kunz) heads to Russia with Cardinal Russo (Alexander Siddig), a Catholic who always says things are “fascinating,” well, I was sold. Not everyone will remember this actor from Star Trek: Deep Space 9, but I noticed right away! He’s aged lots since then, and that trademark personality is hard not to miss!

While I’m not keen on the nudity and implied sex, there’s a raison d’être for it to be splashed here and there. There’s an unholy alliance that needs explanation, and what’s presented in this film in only a teaser.

This film has its moments which effectively sells the ominous future, but directors Cru Ennis and Lee Roy Kunz overplayed the tropes. I really wanted more meat concerning what Laura’s grandfather painted. They are cryptic revelations for what’s to come in this film, and just how he’s depicted post mortem suggests he’s like Nostradamus. It’s a detail I’d love to see more exposition on!

As for whether Deliver Us will get a continuation, I don’t think so. Based on the recent box office reports following this film’s premiere, the prospect isn’t good. What’s delivered is half a story, and that’s unfortunate.

3½ Stars out of 5

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