Celebrating 100 Years Of Warner Bros. and Defying the Odds. Broadcast Guide and Filling in the Gaps

There’s a lot of information packed into 100 Years of Warner Bros. documentary, and ultimately, one might want the book to read afterwards.

100 Years Of Warner Bros.Warner Bros. is celebrating a huge milestone, and in the documentary 100 Years of Warner Bros., everything we want to know about their early days is covered! The first episode is the best of the four-part series and the host of this trip through memory lane is Morgan Freeman. After it’s run on HBO Max, it’s now more widely available. In Canada, we can view the series on HOLLYWOOD SUITE as each episode is released each weekend this month!

Not only do we learn about this studio’s humble beginnings through the eyes of many performers and filmmakers, but also discover what brothers Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack’s goals were. Not all of them had a true love for cinema versus wanting to be the king in a place formerly known as Hollywood Hills. To set up shop there meant knowing what America likes to see at the Nickelodeons and having access to talents who will no doubt put them in the public eye, like Errol Flynn.

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Just What are the Gremlins Hiding in Secrets of the Mogwai?

What’s presented in Gremlins Secrets of the Mogwai is more of a coming of age tale where Sam and Gizmo truly get to bond.

Gremlins Secrets of the MogwaiStreaming on HBO Max and broadcasting on Cartoon Network

Fortunately, Gremlins can’t be contained to one network. Following its streaming debut, these critters are making their way to others, and the Secrets of the Mogwai will soon be everywhere! I’m surprised there’s no merchandise tie-in to accompany this release.

This prequel to the films has an intriguing origin story. Although it retcons a few details, the changes are unnecessary. The lore revealed in the second film says it all, and I’d prefer the cuddly raccoon to have a different name than go by what’s presented prior. It seems these creatures live in a Fern Gully type of fantasy world, and if it was possible to bring together various franchises into one metaverse, I’d like to see Fantastic Beasts merge with this IP. That’s because the 1920s were ripe with lots of pulp influences, and to carry that to the fore would be terrific, too.

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Early Impressions – Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai and its Chinese Connection

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker design put behind Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai will no doubt have some fans of the film curious.

Gremlins Secrets of the Mogwai Promotional PosterComing to HBO Max on May 23

The teaser trailer to Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai is here, and what it sets up looks terrific! Not only will we look at Gizmo’s life prior to the films, but also we’ll get an origin story that looks at where they come from. Here, the ancient world of China comes alive through Sam Wing and this furry creature’s eyes. As for whether the fuzzball’s name remains the same in this prequel, I suspect not. The version we recall him as wasn’t given until the future.

The story is set in Shanghai in the 20s, and after discovering the “talking squirrel,” taking care of him won’t be easy. After a wealthy industrialist discovers the darker side of the rodent, the boy’s father says it’s best to take him home. The series will no doubt follow the youth’s journey into the countryside and as for whom he’ll meet, it’ll be a who’s who from Chinese folklore.

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Jinkies! After 6 Episodes, HBO Max’s Velma’s Unexpected Turn Is With Why Crystal Cove Is….

Just because HBO Max’s Velma uses the same font as the Scooby Doo cartoons to implies some relationship, this series has gone astray.

VelmaIs it safe to say HBO Max’s Velma exists in a different continuity than all the past entries in the Scooby-Doo Universe combined? Although there are some references to the canon and an homage to other Hanna Barbera cartoons, it’s tough to say. At least the respect for everything Frank Welker did for this series (he voiced Scooby and Fred) is acknowledged, but I honestly do not think this inclusion is meaningful.

Not even George Jetson reference warrents a laugh. But to be fair, I’m giving my evaluation after watching the first six episodes. One missing factor is in how the main characters do not really respect each other at the start. There seems to be a rivalry between Daphne and Velma, which gets worked out later. Elsewhere, just why Norville matters is put into a strange place, and as for why Fred is a haspin needs a better explanation. They know each other mostly because they’re the same graduating class at Crystal Cove High. Just how they clicked to become a team still hasn’t happened yet.

This entry to this franchise is simply odd. Just because the title uses the same font as the Scooby Doo cartoons implies some relationship, it’s just an odd duck out. As for this group of teenagers to work as a team, it might manifest in the remaining episodes. Shaggy might adopt a dog, but maybe this canine was in his imagination all along. Fandom recognises him as a drug addict and as for that canine; perhaps we’ve been interpreting those past series through his eyes all this time!

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Who Is The Puppet Master in The Suicide Squad?

While Suicide Squad is not likely to integrate with the rest of the DCEU anytime in the future, I’m hoping this rework proves that making more Rated R films is a must.

DC FanDome: 'The Suicide Squad' Unveils Cool Footage And New PostersBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Warner Brothers
Playing at theatres and HBO Max

Spoiler Alert

James Gunn has topped himself since he was given complete freedom to redo Suicide Squad. That 2016 film was great at introducing villains to do the dirty work that Uncle Sam doesn’t want to acknowledge, but isn’t all that memorable. This 2021 soft reboot that adds The to the title surpasses everything David Ayer attempted, and ups the ante. James‘ eccentric vision even includes a crazy build up to the finale typical for a Troma film (where this filmmaker got his start). Whether Ayer had to abide by the rules the Warner Bros and DC established with this franchise or he just did not understand the characters at all, Gunn makes the motley crew (from beginning to end instead of those who survived) rootin’, tootin’ hilarious

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