When Alls Not Well in Heaven and We Need Jiang Ziya. Creation of the Gods 1: Kingdom of Storms, A Movie Review

Fans of the Chinese high fantasy will like Creation of the Gods 1: Kingdom of Storms despite its long running time and overuse of weak CGI.

Creation of the Gods I Kingdom of Storms (2023)Well GO USA
Coming to Theatres Sept 22
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When considering a lot of films have been made based on some part of the epic Chinese novel, Investiture of the Gods, it should not surprise me that one day, someone would attempt to adapt the entire text. Creation of the Gods 1: Kingdom of Storms attempts to tell the entire story and when there’s a total of 100 chapters, to bring it all to screen will require more than one film!

I’m glad director/co-writer Wuershan is attempting this project. I’m rather fond of his work in Mojin: The Lost Legend, and he’s on the right track. Hopefully the advice he got from James Schamus‘ (who gets credit as script consultant) isn’t for naught. He is best known for being one of the co-writers of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Even though I know bits and pieces through the various animated films released in prior years, it’s cool to see how it all comes to head in this magnum opus. There’s Jiang Ziya (Bo Huang) working with two other immortals to stop the Great Curse that’s threatening the Shang dynasty.

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Tian Xiaopeng’s Deep Sea is More Than A Study on Depression

This latest import from China arrives just in time for the summer season, and Tian Xiaopeng’s Deep Sea does not dissapoint!

Deep Sea Poster Main Theatrical Release
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Screening at Fantasia Film Festival 2023 on Aug 6
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Potential Spoiler Alert

Shenxiu (Tingwen Wang) is not a happy young girl in Tian Xiaopeng’s movie, Deep Sea. That’s because she’s not being loved; not only is she neglected by her dad and step-mom, making her feel very depressed, but also the relationship with her biological one is deteriorating. Because the film didn’t translate all those text conversations that blitzed by in the opening act, I’m thankful I understood enough to notice.

But to comprehend everything this motion picture presents requires a few more viewings and an updated subtitle file to play along with this movie. Although I had an electronic press kit to help reveal some other details, I’d rather want to discover these facts on my own.

Thankfully, more screenings after Tribecca and Fantasia Film Fest are planned, and I would love to see this on the big screen as the filmmaker intended. Xiaopeng is best known for Monkey King: The Hero is Back (movie review), and while that tale delivers more in the humour department, I believe his sophomore work is darker.

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Hear Me Roar! I am T-Rex and Not Scared for the Future in Review.

When China wants to explore its prehistorical past, I am Tex seems appropriate

I am T-Rex Blu-ray and slip cover
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Coming to Digital, Blu-ray & DVD on June 20, 2023

It looks like Chinese directors Cai Shangming and Chen Silin want to create their own dinosaur empire with I am T-Rex. This animated fantasy adventure uses proper depictions of these creatures from the Cretaceous period, and to give them a voice takes time to process. Most other films just see them roar rather than speak like humans.

What’s presented is less cartoony and more visceral. To ensure this film gets the widest audience, no blood is shed at all and that’s good for parents wanting to give their children more than their weekly dose of all things dinosaur. Without the battle scars and fright, all I can say is that this release is a lot more family friendly. Although the believability factor takes one step back, the evolutionary advantage that anyone can become better persons is two epochs forward. This story suggests these creatures have a code to live by.

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Are We All Born to Fly? Yu Lei is Ready to Soar Higher than Never Before!

No trade secrets are given away, otherwise Born to Fly would not be screening in international markets.

Born to Fly Well GO USA PosterWell GO USA
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After much delay, Liu Xiaoshi’s Born to Fly (長空之王) is tailor-made for release during China’s holiday weekend. International Workers’ Day (May 1st) recognises the contributions of everyone who helps make their country great. Here, the various teams within the Chinese Air Force need to work hard together–and have an ace up their sleeves–if they are to maintain their air superiority. And Yu Lei (Wibo Yang) is it. He gets called to duty to be a test pilot, and it’s up to Ting Zhang (Hu Jun) to motivate him to keep going.

Despite countless delays to get this film to screen, what’s presented looks gorgeous. The camera work sells some of the aerial sequences and the CGI handles the rest. Despite former trepidation by critics and their desire to compare this work to Top Gun and its sequel, what’s been improved upon may well stretch beyond improving the SPFX. Some story edits may have been done. As for the former, I’m sure not even Tom Cruise would be willing to risk his life just to go into low-earth orbit. And what’s more celebrated is how the team stays together.

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Wang Yibo’s Next Film Born to Fly is Scheduled to Land in America This Month!

We have updates in when Born to Fly (also known as King of the Sky) will make a globetrotting flight to cinema near you!

Born to Fly Promo ImageHopefully the announcement made on April 1st is no joke. Well GO USA announced on Twitter when Wang Yibo’s next film, Born to Fly (长空之王), will land in America and it is April 28, 2023. This date includes when it’ll debut in Mainland China too.

Wang Yibo is at the heart of why fans worldwide are giddy. For for what we are excited for, hopefully the delay to improve the CGI will be worth it! This movie was supposed to be delivered last year, but was pulled after test screenings showed not everyone was pleased with the digital effects work done. Those people argued this film was not on par with what Hollywood can do. Now that it’s ready, it can embark on a global release.

We will update as soon as Well GO USA also adds this release to their official webpage and has further information.

Born to Fly Movie Trailer

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