Are You Ready To Ride with Avatar: The Last Airbender Next 2 Releases

Avatar: The Last Airbender continues with the release of an all-new story and omnibus collection!

Avatar: The Last Airbenderr—Azula in the Spirit TempleDark Horse Books has twice the The Last Airbender fun planned this year with the release of an all-new story and omnibus collection! To read these works will help those who are impatient with  waiting for the next animated tale. There’s no timeline for when they will release, but thankfully these works provide some excellent side stories.

These works are all canon. The first release is in partnership with Avatar Studios to tell Avatar: The Last Airbender—Azula in the Spirit Temple!

From the Press Release:

The veteran, award-winning team of Faith Erin Hicks, Peter Wartman, and Adele Matera is back with a new story. This graphic novel, taking place in the world of the hit Nickelodeon series, also features letters by ComicCraft’s Jimmy Betancourt and cover art by Wartman and Matera.

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Is There Room in Secret Space UFOs? Apollo 1 to 11 Gets Re-Examined!

Secret Space UFOS: Apollo 1 to 11 is set to reveal some dark answers to the mysteries when it comes to digital April 2023.

Secret Space UFOs
Secret Space UFOs

Uncork’d Entertainment continues its love for outer space with Secret Space UFOS: Apollo 1 to 11 and the mysteries that they hope to uncover will be streamed April 2023. Darcy Weir is no stranger to the subject with his past works about UAPs. From Secret Space UFOs: NASA’s First Missions to Volcanic UFO Mysteries which we at reviewed, what he reveals offers something regular series doesn’t always say.

From the Press Release:

The UFO phenomenon has been recorded far beyond the boundaries of Earth with hundreds of sightings during the Apollo missions 1-11. James Fox, Darcy Weir, Mike Bara and Richard Dolan discuss this hidden history of UFOs in space and structures on the Moon. A history of NASA’s early Apollo missions as astronauts endeavor to set foot on the moon and go further in space than any man has before.

“Another fascinating, eye-opening documentary from Darcy Weir, SECRET SPACE UFOs : APOLLO 1-11 is one of our most anticipated non-fiction releases for first quarter, 2023”, said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment. “You’ll be absolutely intrigued by the findings in this film, and what Fox, Weir, Bara and Dolan reveal.   The truth really is out there, it seems.”

Says Weir, “I have spent the greater part of the past decade researching Apollo era UFOs and anomalies reported by our NASA astronauts. With the help of fellow filmmaker James Fox (The Phenomenon), I was able to unpack an entertaining and profound experience regarding those early Apollo space missions.”

Secret Space UFOS Apollos 1 – 11 Trailer

Are You ‘Up’ to the Challenge to Wait for Arcana of Paradise–The Tower?

The survival videogame, Arcana of Paradise–The Tower is delayed. Fans can expect it later this year.

Arcana of ParadiseArcana of Paradise–The Tower is a real-time roguelike deckbuilding survival videogame is getting its release date pushed to later this year. Those fans who saw the product demo at Japanese-language Indie World showcase will have to wait just a bit longer. The trailer shows a wonderful design aesthetic that will have many anxious for the final product, and for now, the news is that the Nintendo Switch version and its Steam (PC) counterpart now has a date of April 20, 2023 so the developers can iron out the kinks.

SHUEISHA GAMES, a new video game publishing arm of prestigious manga publisher SHUEISHA (One Piece, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Death Note), is working hard at getting the game properly running.

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NAQT VANE’s Breezy Debut! “Break Free” Music Video in Japan and American Release

NAQT VANE is a new music project by Hiroyuki Sawano and Harukaze, and they have a music video!

NAQT VANEOn September 1st, Attack on Titan and Kingdom composer Hiroyuki Sawano launched a new music project, titled NAQT VANE, with vocalist Harukaze! Their debut single ‘Break Free’ is now out and the music video is nothing short of breathless.

In addition to the digital single, there’s a music video (see below) to view, and it’s produced for everyone living in the era of the wind. The press release describes it as, “A flexible world of freedom and diversity with a lifestyle unbound by material things. NAQT VANE began activities with the intention of “breathing a new wind into each story and finding a place of our own”. The team consists of vocalist Harukaze, who has built a following on TikTok and YouTube, along with overall production by Hiroyuki Sawano and artwork by Classic 6.”

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AmPm’s Strikes Thrice for October with Lupin III!

Today AmPm are one of Japan’s most in-demand music production exports, with fans among artists and music lovers alike.

AmPm – one of Japan’s most in-demand music production exports.Available on streaming.

Fans of masked production unit AmPm have three new reasons to celebrate! This duo have three brand-new releases. Available to listen now are remixes of “Chime” by Ai Otsuka and the title song to the upcoming CGI movie, “Lupin the Third!” This film will debut around North America on Oct 18th (dub) and 21st (subtitled). On the latter day, an original track from this duo will also be released to keep the funk on. They have reunited with vocal collaborators Michael Kaneko and Nao Kawamura to give fans more than a singular treat for this season.

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