About Mavka, The Forest Song and Dancing Your Troubles Away

There’s a lot more going on in Mavka, The Forest Song than just be an adaptation of the poem by Lesya Ukrainka.

Mavka The Forest Song DVD CaseShout! Studios
Release Date: Aug 15, 2023
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It seems opinions about the Russian invasion into the Ukraine have filtered into children’s entertainment. When it hits that hard, that’s because one side doesn’t want the fighting, and prefers that all countries get along. When the conflict in Mavka, The Forest Song rears its ugly head, just how this title character can be a protector depends on faith.

Although the commentary was most likely not Lesya Ukrainka’s intent in her original 1911 play The Forest Song, what’s modified for this animated treatment certainly makes callbacks to other similar works, like Fern Gully than anything Disney would produce.

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They are a Factory No More. Shout! Studios is Its New Name and We Have a Theory….

Shout! Studios’ 20th anniversary will be commemorated through a variety of consumer touchpoints, including special programming and streaming events on Shout’s digital entertainment service.

Shout! Studios New LogoThroughout its two decades of lovingly releasing iconic films and series, Shout! Factory has cultivated an uncanny ability to discover great content by tapping into the cultural zeitgeist, applied this expertise to acquiring, producing, and distributing quality new releases, and provided audiences with novel ways to enjoy entertainment content they love across established and emerging streaming platforms. As part of the official commencement of Shout’s 20th-anniversary celebration, the company announced last week a name change to Shout! Studios to better reflect the entire scope of its business expansion and strategic direction.

From the press release, this rebranded company also released a 20th-anniversary logo and as well as a new motion logo that will appear on all future Shout releases. The animated logo represents the Shout! brand’s global vision while paying homage to the company’s rich history in entertainment and its cultural impact. The company has also launched a newly redesigned corporate website (www.shoutstudios.com).

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