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The British Paranormal Society’s Dark Horse Death Defying Debut!

28 Apr

The British Paranormal Society Dark Horse Comics
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The British Paranormal Society is an all new comic book miniseries by Chris Roberson and Mike Mignola, and it has the makings of running like the real life Society of Paranormal Research! The introductions on how they work are very similar and we see the comparison nicely highlighted in the very first few pages.

In this debut, Simon Bruttenholm and Honora Grant are two founding members who’ve set out to investigate the strange goings on at Noxton, England. They aren’t out to find a ghostly haunting. Instead, Honora is looking into this town’s oddball traditions–perhaps on a similar trail as in The Wicker Man–and Simon is searching for his missing assistant. He was last known to have visited this town. But there’s mysterious standing stones nearby that has the man’s attention. 

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[Fantasia 2021] A History on Folk Horror in Woodlands Documentary Review

13 Aug

(The Vintage Tempest)

Fantasia Film Festival 2021
Available to view on demand

For screenings near you, please visit the official webpage

Clocking in at over three hours, woodland is a very detailed examination of what defines folk horror and on what the seminal films are. Kier-La Janisse certainly knows the cinematic realm to the tee, and I’d have to rewatch this work to catalogue all the movies referenced. I’d take breaks just because there’s a lot of terrific information to soak in.

The Unholy Trinity of “Witchfinder General,” “Blood on Satan’s Claw,” and “The Wicker Man” are referenced and rightly so. They helped define this new genre of cinematic folk horror. And thankfully, instead of focusing on the output from one country, many other worlds are looked at. Not every film is examined, and neither is every movie noted. The runtime doesn’t do the look at world cinema justice. Continue reading

Folk-Horror and Kyrsyä–Tuftland

17 Mar

null 5By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The beauty of the countryside of Finland is the spotlight in Kyrsyä–Tuftland, a melodramatic piece of Folk Horror by director-producer Roope Olenius. This work is his first feature film and his attention to detail does more to emphasize a hidden terror than provide supernatural scares. Billed as Rosemary’s Baby meets Wicker Man, this hook was enough to get me interested in examining this film. Darkside Releasing made this title available in Canada last month. In the States, it’s now available on VOD with thanks to Subliminal Films.

Irina Vaahtera (Veera W. Vilo) is this film’s protagonist, and she’s feeling very lost, especially after finding out her boyfriend cheated on her. She’s not doing too well in school either, and she simply decided to get away from it all, by taking a summer internship in a small town which specializes in making a special embroidery.

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