Jackie Chan’s Ride On, Back in the Saddle Again

For anyone who missed this gem in the theatres, Jackie Chan’s Ride On is now available on home video!

Ride On Blu Ray with Jackie ChanWell GO USA
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Out of all the films Jackie Chan has appeared in this decade, Ride On is simply the best! It’s a very heartwarming family style film that will certainly tug at the heartstrings, and for horse lovers, to learn about everything that went on during production to keep Red Hare safe will have many smiling.

Usually those disclaimers regarding animal handling are added at the end credits without some added thought. And to observe what was done to ensure safety will have some admire this film even more. Some of that discourse from this movie regarding safety versus getting in harm’s way is discussed, and to see how it’s handled is simply amazing. The credit really goes to the CGI experts who remove the trainers in green screen tights during filming. Sometimes, the cinematic background gets very busy, so to find the balance between editing and digitally removing requires careful syncing so nothing is hidden with motion blur.

The danger has to be real in order to keep viewers like me at attention. The safety measures are done through forced perspective and angles to hide the fact that the explosions are happening at a distance. Even writer/director Larry Yang gives away some secrets on how to train a horse!

Ride On - Red with Luon

However, to see how the production team bonded with the horse is perhaps the most emotional. Usually the talents rarely want to take those “pets” home, but in this case I’m sure Jackie would’ve loved to keep Red around. But after this film was done, just where he’s gone off isn’t to the stables. Instead, the team found him a terrific home to become a future star in another world.

In this release, once the film is over, it’ll immediately move to the extras, so there’s no need to hit the remote! It’s a film that’s on my permanent pile of Jackie Chan films to watch time and time again, and it’s not because Yang recognises this talent’s contributions to stunt cinema. The horse really steals the show here, and that’s alright!

Ride On Movie Trailer (Well GO USA Edition)

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