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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Full Trailer Drop and Analysis.

2 Dec

Indiana Jones and the Dial of DestinyIndiana Jones is back, and his latest quest concerns a mysterious Dial of Destiny. It’s tough to say if that’s an archaeological relic or some ancient alien tech, but I’m hoping for the former, since the fourth film wasn’t beloved by every fan.

Although the trailer does not hint at much, we see him remembering things from the past and perhaps putting more emphasis about missing those adventures on the high seas. His concern for present events doesn’t seem to matter. As for his future, it’s nice to know he’s there to either be involved in some mess concerning the Apollo 11 landing and the return of those famous astronauts. Perhaps it is about some conspiracy that NASA does not want in the public eye.

But for those who’ve followed the lore concerning the US Government giving (former Nazi) German scientists amnesty after World War II ended, the plot being advertised is no surprise at all. But as for how historically accurate this tale will depend on rocket engineer Wernher von Braun getting involved. Amusingly, he’s an accepted Disney spokesman; He appeared in the 1955 television special Man and the Moon to explain why humanity must reach for the stars. He’s worked at NASA and as for whether he’ll influence Voller (Mads Mikkelsen), also a former Nazi, to do covert things for him, nobody knows for sure. This character might be played by Thomas Kretschmann, the only other German actor listed in the early credit reveal.

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Is James Cameron’s Avatar Still Hot and Expectations For Its Sequel

3 Oct

James Cameron's Avatar

When James Cameron’s Avatar played in theatres 14 years ago, nearly everyone loved it. During its first run, this movie proved two things were needed. The technology to capture this filmmaker’s vision on digital celluloid with proper 3D cameras had to be custom made. His efforts proved why films who fake the process aren’t as spectacular, and even watching it again today, in preparation for part two, shows the pretend method still isn’t good.

The second fact explains why he waited so long to make that sequel. Despite all the technical advances (and many year long study to get aquatic effects looking right), there is something special about the tale Cameron tells. It’s a story where a paraplegic Earth-man, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) visited the planet of Pandora, met an alien girl Neytiri (Zoë Saldaña), to whom he falls in love with, and decided to change sides to save a civilization from disappearing.

The upcoming sequel thankfully considers ten years will have passed since the last adventure. Aside from a few comic book releases from Dark horse Comics, I doubt every fan looked.

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20 Highly Anticipated Movies of 2023, Early Edition (Part Three)

27 Sep

Highly Anticipated Movies of 2023Usually, this slate doesn’t appear until the start of the New Year, but I’m making an exception since a few films that were originally slated for 2021 or 2022 got pushed back. One can blame the pandemic and recent legal issues with certain talents for causing this list of highly anticipated movies of 2023 to constantly change. Some movie projects simply had bad luck in terms of finding a date that works in a competing world as people are ready to head back to the theatre than let a pesky pandemic dictate what they can do.

This list is certain to be added upon as more international releases are made known, and then pared to a top ten for my annual list at the start of the new year. There are other films to consider, but Moujin: The Secret Coffin, Coyote vs Acme, and The Last Voyage of the Demeter aren’t dated.

Also, my list further expands upon the material I presented from my panel from last weekend, during Capital City Comic Con‘s Autumn Fall Show.

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Best Upcoming Genre Films of 2022 To Close Out With (Part Two)

25 Sep

Upcoming Genre Films of 2022

This year is nearly over! And as for what the best upcoming genre films of 2022 are that we should see, I offer my top ten picks. It wouldn’t be fair to be America-side centric, since that’d be alienating fans of anime movies. To note, this list makes up part of my presentation at Capital City Comic Con 2022 and is provided for those who were unable to make it to the morning panel. I heard from a few attendees that they wanted to show up, and gave one reason or another….

As for Halloween related films, the fun has already begun this month, and my preview was posted early so fans can get a head start. There’s one movie that stands out which must be seen, especially if you’re a fan of Makoto Shinkai’s works. In that regard, I offer my top ten list, which starts with:

SUZUME’S LOCKING UP (Suzume no Tojimari)

Nov 11, 2022

No list can be complete without at least one movie from Japan. Makoto Shinkai’s animated films are original ideas. After Weathering with You and Your Name, this latest work explores the relationship a young girl has with a male stranger who is in search of a special door. Just where they lead is not to Wonderland, but perhaps danger. Unlike Monsters Inc, these portals may not be to isn’t to paradise.

It’s very likely GKIDS will pick up this title and release it by the end of the year, if not next.

In sequential order, by release date, of the best upcoming genre films of 2022, are:

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The Best Genre Movies of 2022, A Look at the Past (Part One)

25 Sep

Best Movies of 2022

With the end of Summer now here, people have reason to go back to the movies to stay warm and also get ready for Thanksgiving. In Canada, that’s coming up quickly, but for our neighbours south of the border, more than a month away. While the latter is considered more important to draw audiences into the big screen by studios, I believe it’s time to look at the best genre movies of 2022 so far, before the final three months are considered.

Just a fun fact, although a vintage picture is used, that was how the Capital 6 used to look circa 1933) in Victoria, BC. Oh how the times have changed!

This recap is more of an expansion of my presentation for Capital City Comic Con 2022. Sometimes a 45-minute panel is not long enough to express everything that’s wonderful about each film. In the next article will be the top ten picks for Autumn. Afterwards, I’ll wrap up this set with my early picks of 2023 because they feature films that have been pushed further back into the schedule for one reason or another.

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