(Part Three) Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 Gallery – Best Takes

At long last, we have all the pics from Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 all sorted, and we present our best takes from exhibit hall to main stage.

In part three, we offer a massive gallery of a few displays, booths, cosplayers and main stage antics that hasn’t been published in our prior articles about Fan Expo Vancouver 2023. As Artist’s Alley was often tight, getting a wide angle shot was tough, so apologies to those there for not being included. They all deserve praise for helping to make the this event feel like a comic book show.

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(Part Two) Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 and Some Good News!

Terminal City’s big fandom event is a return to full form, and as for what’s coming after Fan Expo Vancouver 2023, we have to wait….

Michael Rooker and Star WarsAt Fan Expo Vancouver 2023, the many choices of what one can choose to focus on is wide and varied. When you stick around in the main staging area where all the Q&As happen, something entirely random can delight! I spent the second and third day mostly in this area since the rest of the gymnasium space was often packed.

Between the panels, I often returned to Artists Alley and also Celebrity Row in hopes of finding some time to chat with either for some neat bits of information about their next projects. Most are kind enough to share when they’re not contracted to not disclose. Even event co-founder Andrew Moyes made some time to answer my lingering questions about the con.

On the entertainment front, the CW’s lineup of superhero programming is changing since being acquired by Nexstar. And with the Arrowverse on its way out, maybe we’ll see more talents from Netflix from past hits like Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Adam Project. That fact hasn’t stopped the organisers from bringing back The Arrow (Steve Amell) and The Flash (Danielle Panabaker, Kayla Compton, and Candice Patton) for one last hurrah. 

Stephen Amell just being down to Earth during his Q&A on Saturday.

The talents who have a booth can show me upcoming projects. That includes comic book artists and celebrities. For example, I learned from Dante Basco that a Fabulous Filipino Brothers sequel is in the works, and he’s not stopped producing/directing. He doesn’t have any information about the Avatar: Last Airbender movies since they’re still in development, but he hopes Zuko will be back. This came from my brief chat with him, and he repeated it during his Q&A.

As for advice for future Fire Lords, he said once you become part of that world, everyone is kin. It’s a beautiful sentiment when considering the family day holiday FXV wants to connect with. He even talked about what kept him acting, and it included words of wisdom from Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman when he got his break in Hook. He fondly recalled those times with Mako, who voiced Uncle Iro (Avatar: Last Airbender).

Anthony Daniels at Fan Expo Vancouver 2023

When Anthony Daniels took to the main stage, the love was immense. Even Sean Astin, Matthew Lewis, Michael Rooker (he was the next entertaining out of the lot) and Sean Gunn had a packed house. The list doesn’t end there, and although the area set aside for audiences seemed smaller, I’d have to compare past maps to say for certain if it had or not. 

In Artist’s Alley, writer/artist Faith Erin Hicks said she has two Avatar: Last Airbender books being released this year. Returning favourites include the talent pool (Ian Boothby and James Lloyd) who worked on the Futurama comic book, and I asked if there’s a chance of those will be reprinted as trades. Only 1/4 was put into this collected format. The series is slated to make a comeback, as last year’s convention had Billy West talking about it. But it’s ultimately up to Disney (who now owns all of Fox’s properties).

Matthew Lewis with his fans

Other talents included Dan Parent, Don Rosa, Marcelo Matere, and many more chatting it up with their fans. Because the space was tight, I wasn’t able to get a decent snap of them conversing with fans.

BC Family Day was also declared as Pokémon Day a week before the official international one. Moyes was most likely not aware of what The Pokémon Company was planning for announcements the following week, but that’s okay. I thought of it as a fun way for Fan Expo to build up to the real one (and I finally ordered the latest Pokémon Scarlet game, since there’s now a DLC). The organisers are glad at what they say, and Andrew Moyes said, We craft these based on what’s hot at the time, who’s appearing at the show, etc. so they’re really fresh and fun. There were some really fun elements (like this year’s Pokemon trade meetup) that we’d love to see come back, but we plan in bringing something new next year.

I’m glad Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 is a return to full form. Last year’s event was hot off the heels of BC Health announcing the relaxing of pandemic restrictions. While some aspects can be tweaked further because this event was at capacity–especially during Saturday and Sunday–the fact it needs more space is obvious. As long as the momentum is good, hopefully it will finally fill two floors of the West Vancouver Convention Centre than one. The company is aware of what must be done. On social media, everyone is begging for it. As for the return of corporate representation as FXV has historically welcomed in the past, there’s no word yet as to who or how they’ll show a presence. The organisers did offiically say these studios and corporate partners are eager to connect face-to-face with fans though.

However, Moyes said the group is still taking a wait and see approach than to offer something firm. They still have to crunch the numbers. In the meantime, he stated, “It’s very promising to have the show in the wake of all the shared challenges we’ve all gone through. We will grow.”

Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 Convention Report

There was lots to enjoy at Fan Expo Vancouver 2023, and in this introduction, we go explore the paranormal themed events in greater detail.

Fan Expo Vancouver 2023When the local fandom communities want to be heard, they’ll certainly roar at Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 (FXV). That’s what Vice-President Andrew Moyes wants to hear, and he was at the show to make sure it goes off without a hitch. He’s been with the company for over 10 years to help deliver this experience all over North America, and their primary goal is to deliver community driven events. “These aren’t travelling circuses,” this organiser said, “We are delighted by the support we received from the fandom community in Vancouver. It shows our fans have faith in what we are delivering.”

Regarding this and Portland’s show happening the same weekend, he said it was done to synergize the two, so no fan will feel left out. Part of it also had to do with the dates the State-side convention centre had open. Moyes put forth the answer to his own question, “Do I think it’s going to happen all the time? Not necessarily. But when those opportunities present themselves, it helps us elevate the experience for all to enjoy.”

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Fan Expo Vancouver’s First Wave of Guest Announcements is Here!

The first round of guest announcements for Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 are here!

Fan Expo Vancouver
Feb 18-23, 2023 at the Vancouver Convention Center

Fan Expo Vancouver may well be gearing up for a big 2023 year. They’ve begun their wave of guest announcements so that holiday gift givers can show their love for the pop culture enthusiast in the family by buying them a pass. In the early weeks of November, they reported Stephen Amell of Arrow fame and Matthew Lewis from the Harry Potter movies will appear.

For now, the official website information is stating they will be signing autographs and doing photo ops for one day only.

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Fan Expo Vancouver 2022 Convention Report

As for what’s next, it’s safe to say they’ll be back next year during BC Family Day. I was pleased that it wasn’t competing with another event upstairs and all I can hope for is to see the city embrace this event like in Calgary, complete with a parade.

Fan Expo Vancovuer - CosplayJust Like Bender from Futurama, Fan Expo Vancouver is back!

The event showed no signs of operating at half capacity since a few days prior, the latest health protocols said it was okay to be at capacity. I firmly believe the organisers got lucky. Plus, entry to the event was perfectly handled and there was enough staff throughout the day. You walked in, showed your vaccine card and id, and you’re in. There was no bottleneck. All that was asked for is for everyone to continue wearing a face mask. Travellers from afar were enjoying other events this city offered and were unaware this event was happening. I chatted with a few who were curious about the cosplayers walking around the inlet.

The team behind this event were certainly cautious in how much should be spent advertising because all I saw around town were ads on poster cylinders. I can’t speak for newspaper or television since I didn’t look, but I feel that’s needed as this part of the world is getting back to normal and leaving the pandemic behind. 

Even though there were overlaps with panels and when I had to be present for a photo op, there was plenty to see and do. I enjoyed chatting with the talents in Artists’ Alley and when there were no lineups for the celebrities, got to talk to them. Like previous years, there’s always going to be some kind of representation with the locally made television shows, namely Legends of Tomorrow, and this aspect is always appreciated. This year, it was about the latest, Superman and Lois.

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