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The Last Journey of Paul WR Isn’t Sad. We’re Just Glad Humanity Remains Hopeful

24 Aug

The Last Journey of Paul WR

Coming to VOD and Theatres July 26th
Potential Spoiler Alert

The apocalypse is coming, and the only person who can stop the red moon from smacking the planet Earth is AWOL. In The Last Journey of Paul WR (Hugo Becker), this astronaut knows something others don’t and he doesn’t want to be the man responsible, hence going into hiding. Although everyone believes it’s the end of the world as we know it, Paul is fine with the idea. Just in case everyone hates him, he’s gone into hiding.

Not everyone is after him, though. They’re more preoccupied with deciding how to spend their last days. Director Romain Quirot crafted a product which shows just how bad it has gotten, and as for giving it a rather visually beautiful look, that’s because the CGI is layered on top of a road trip movie through the French countryside.

In the meantime, the government is searching for him though and has posted a bounty. Although fortune hunters are few and far between, enforcement is doing what they can to bring him in. But I found it odd they aren’t making a better effort when this recluse surfaces.

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Moonfall and That Sinking Feeling….

7 Feb

Moonfall (2022) - IMDbMaster of Disaster Roland Emmerich certainly loves ancient alien theory, and I believe Stargate (1994) helped cement his status in this subgenre. He’s been to space and back with Moon 44,  but that wasn’t the movie which started it all. He’s better known for Independence Day and in that regard, Moonfall is familiar.

This movie is hilarious to watch because we know the tropes he loves using, and he regurgitates those ideas well. This filmmaker introduces Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), an astronaut who gets canned because he failed in one mission. His peers don’t believe he saw a swarm of cosmic mist that caused his crewmates to die. He’s somewhat similar to Steven Hiller–Will Smith’s character.

On Earth, K.C. Houseman (John Bradley) is a conspiracy geek who uncovers the truth and is much like David (Jeff Goldblum’s character). This actor is good in the role, but I suspect casting wanted Jack Black. He’d be great at injecting some craziness to why nobody buys into what he discovered. The sky is falling! The moon is coming out of orbit and will soon cause world-wide devastation. 

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An Apocalypse is coming for X-Men

5 Dec

by Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Apparently, 20th Century Fox is confident that X-Men: Days of Future Past will be a hit, and hot off the twitter feed of director Bryan Singer is a hint that another movie will happen in 2016! Fans can mark May 27, 2016 for when X-Men: Apocalypse will hit theatres.

But for people who are unfamiliar with who this ancient mutant is, he’s a character introduced back in the mid 80’s in the comic X-Factor. His goal is to remake the world in his own image, and his adage was simply that of survival of the fittest. This grey skinned human was born nearly 5000 years ago in the nation of Akkaba and although he was shunned, he managed to learn how to survive through the ages either by being a progeny of death or by forcing civilizations to worship him. His ability to transform his body into any kind of matter or shape makes him very dangerous!

But in time, he would discover advanced alien technology that would cyberform him and further enhance his mutant ability. He took a page from the Bible and created the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. In the comics that introduced him, he was out to kidnap certain mutants who could aptly represent the Horseman.


In X-Factor, he turned Angel, who lost his wings, into Archangel. Instead of downy feathers, this evil mutant gave Angel, new metallic ones under the promise that he would serve him. Some comic-book readers may have been introduced to this character this way.

Although his origin has not deviated much from more recent comic book releases and in animated form, to see how this character will translate to film will be exciting to follow. As for how much of his origin will get explained, if it does, and how it will follow from the Days of Future Past will depend on which Marvel Universe continuity Singer will choose from.

Apocalypse is a very popular villain. He was ranked as IGN’s #3 most popular X-men villain in 2008. As for where he stands in a broader poll, he’s at #24.

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