When Prosjekt Z is More About the Movie Making Process than The Horror

Anyone having the post-Halloween blues may want to check out this hybrid Prosjekt Z as it’s not always about the terror, but the blues.

Prosjekt Z Movie PosterComing to DVD/VOD
Nov 3, 2023

Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken‘s Prosjekt Z is a rather strange hybrid that doesn’t quite know what kind of movie it wants to be. When it’s hitting select theatres after All Hallow’s Eve, just who will be anxious to see this must be for folks craving anything postmortem. Here, the story is about a group of students out to make a zombie film out in the woods. But there’s much more going on, since we also get something akin to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes going on later on.

If that’s not this work’s premise, then the Rocky Horror moments even get curiouser and curiouser–minus the music. That is, there’s a couple who’s out in the woods and after having a bit of a spat, find themselves in front of a lone mansion. They’re just characters to a story within a story where afterwards, a meteorite comes zooming through and crashes! Its radiation is turning the locals into the walking dead.

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Zom 100: Is That Bucket List of the Dead Half Empty or Half Full

Just how many things Akira managed get done in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is a game in itself, as we couintdown this infinite progression!

zom 100: bucket list of the dead netflix posterNetflix

Sometimes it is tough to find a unique zombie film that can take this genre to the next level. Whether that’s with blending it with some other style or just coming up with a unique story idea. I waited for October to roll around before watching Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. And what it delivers is perfect for those wanting another reason to avoid swimming in the sea. Although that season is over, what’s revealed here is a compressed version of the manga (and perhaps the television show too).

Now that some appetites have been whetted, I doubt anyone wants fish sashimi that’s way past their date of expiry. Instead, what’s presented here isn’t quite like Zombieland. What I find is a hodge-podge mix of George Romero style commentary, an attempt to compress the manga/anime into a singular film and a protagonist who isn’t alwaya 100% there.

Here, Akira Tendo (Eiji Akaso) is pretty much a slave. Although he has a good job at a corporation, life isn’t sweet as his boss pushes him around, and he’s asked to burn the midnight oil. Pretty soon, he just wants to quit. But before he can do that, a pandemic has wiped out most of Japan and those who haven’t been infected by this mysterious virus have to fend for themselves. His skills as a football star don’t really amount to anything in this film.

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Gangnam Zombie Has Some Style in Time for The Season of the Witch

Although Gangnam Zombie is nothing like other films in this subgenre produced in South Korea, the metaphors aren’t totally lost to anyone watching.

Gangnam Zombie blu-ray case
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The best part of Lee Soo-sung’s movie Gangnam Zombie is the stylish opening credits which outlines everything viewers need to know about the creation of the virus that can turn people into the walking dead and why it got contained. Had that been the movie, I’d rank it as the best part than the actual story that’s presented.

After two robbers break into a freight container to steal some random goods, presumably from the lab that made the mutagen, they encounter a cat who attacks one of them! The other is concerned but before he can take his pal to the hospital, gets attacked and presumably bitten! After rolling unconscious into the river and coming too much later, that’s when the opening credits roll and somehow, the covid-19 pandemic is to blame!

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Resident Evil: Death Island Houses More than Just the Spirits of the Dead Prisoners, There’s also….

Resident Evil: Death Island certainly links back to that first outbreak, but we’re left hanging for a while before we see how everything connects.

Resident Evil Death Island Blu-ray Cover
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If anyone needs a guide on what films and series belong in the animated Resident Evil series, I have a guide! Thankfully, there isn’t much, as the 2017 film Vendetta and 2021 Netflix series: Infinite Darkness is it. In this latest, Resident Evil: Death Island, which was released not too long ago, the focus is on Jill Valentine (Nicole Tompkins). She’s dealing with the zombie outbreak in San Francisco, where a new T-virus has been made.

Meanwhile, Leon Kennedy (Nicole Tompkins) is looking for a kidnapped DARPA scientist, and someone else is on the hunt for killer sharks. Just when people thought getting to and escaping from on Alcatraz Island is safer these days, the people in thie world better think again! Also, we meet other familiar names from this franchise–Chris Redfield (Kevin Dorman) and Rebecca Chambers (Erin Cahill) are introduced and just how their investigations come to head is when they all have to team up if they’re to survive.

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Zombies Before Solstice? Not Quite, but They’ll Be Here Next Year with Into the Dead

“The Into the Dead franchise has enjoyed incredible success over the last 10 years,” said Mario Wynands, CEO of PikPok.

Into the Dead: Our Darkest DaysLeading games developer and publisher PikPok® today announced that development has begun on the PC-first title Into the Dead Our Darkest Days, a new installment in the highly successful Into the Dead franchise.

Texas, 1980. Walton City has fallen to a zombie outbreak, and escape is the only chance for survival. Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days is a side-scrolling shelter survival game that tasks players with guiding a group of desperate survivors from refuge to refuge in an attempt to get everyone out of the city alive. Here, players have to scavenge for supplies, craft tools and weapons, fight off the dead, and keep moving as the zombie threat closes in. While their experiences will lead survivors to gain new skills, players will also need to manage their physical and psychological needs because in this world, there are no second chances—and death is permanent.

It’s rare to get a videogame such as this, and that’s why this game is worth noting before we get comfortable for the winter season.

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