Kitsune Zero DLC Expands Super Bernie World for Retro a Go Go Fun!

The Kitsune Zero paid DLC will be available free of cost to users with verified speedruns of Super Bernie World prior to Kitsune Zero’s release.

Kitsune TailsKitsune Zero, the prequel to Kitsune Tails, the platformer styled after beloved classics and steeped in Japanese mythology while featuring diverse relationships, comes to life on Steam today, available as DLC for Super Bernie World, the electoral activism platformer downloaded by more than 350,000 voters at the ballot box.

Journey through a new story created by developer Kitsune Games (MidBoss, Ultra Hat Dimension, Super Bernie World) in collaboration with publisher MidBoss™ (2064: Read Only Memories). Experience the original four worlds of Super Bernie World, now setin the Kitsune Tails universe.

Run and jump as fox-spirit Yumi across eight new worlds exclusive to the DLC. Dodge high speed enemy attacks from the Edo soldiers in an all new hard mode made to challenge speedrunners and platformer enjoyersalike. Collect powerups fueling Yumi’s abilities to grow in size, throw striking fireballs, and become indestructible for a temporary amount of time.

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Is The Mole Song FINAL Reiji Kikukawa’s Swan Song at Fantasia 2022?

In The Mole Song FINAL, we see everything this filmmaker is famous for–off the wall action, a kinetic performance by his performers and tons of dirty jokes that’d make City Hunter blush.

Mole Song FINALPlaying at Fantasia 2022, July 25 6:35 PM at the Auditorium des diplômés de la SGWU (Théâtre Hall)
(Buy Tickets here)

Anybody not familiar with Takashi Miike’s The Mole Song trilogy might want to get all caught up before seeing The Mole Song FINAL (土竜の唄 FINAL). That’s because the last movie was made in 2016. Trying to remember why Reiji Kikukawa (Toma Ikuta) is undercover won’t be tough. He was kicked out of the police force because of the way he conducts himself, but secretly this disgrace was to give him a means in to infiltrate the Sukiya-kai, a ruthless yakuza organisation in the first film, and the Chinese Demon Skulls gang in the second.

One thing in common between movies is that we will see a nude Ikuta in the production. Usually, that’s at the start, and he has something to mask those bits, so not everyone has to avert their eyes.

With that warning out of the way, what’s presented is a high octane romp and adventure where Reiji attempts to climb up the ranks was not only difficult but also nearly life ending! After he’s earned Shuho Todoroki’s respect, he can subsequently try to get that one piece of evidence that will lock this ringleader up for good.

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WARPS Up HERO_sei with This New Single and Music Video Debut

WARPs UP’s latest single Hero_sei reminds us that even though life in our sometimes orderly modern society can be difficult…

HERO_seiJapanese-Chinese boys’ collective WARPs UP‘s new single HERO_sei is now out. It’s a mid-tempo ballad about living life your own way and is performed by a group who refuse to be confined by their own boundaries. The bold use of colours–of red, white and blue–contrasted against varied backdrops shows how they’re breaking free. Each tone is meaning, as red represents anger, white with sadness and blue with freedom. The progression is very telling.

This second original single released by the group’s two Chinese members LANGYI and MINGJUN, follows January’s single POWER_Shin. Previous songs by WARPs UP feature lyrics in English, Chinese and Japanese. This approach to reach a global market is an impressive achievement and helps make this group stand out.

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Fox and Hare’s All Explosive Cyberpunk Action! (and May 25th Release)

Fox and Hare is all cyberpunk, and is finally headed to comic book stores near you this week. (or mail order)

Fox and Hare #1 From Vault ComicsNot to be confused with the stop-motion animated series of the same name, Fox and Hare, by Vault Comics is all cyberpunk! That’s a good thing for the duo who take on this codename about two bounty hunters, or should that be mercenaries? Because of unforeseen circumstances, this comic originally slated for November 2021 was delayed. But it’s on track for release ‌soon.

Jon Tsuei (writer) and Stacey Lee (artist) have crafted a work that brings the colourful aesthetics from Blade Runner to life. It’s not as noir as the film, but instead comes through as slick and clean. Lee’s manga style presentation gives us a work that truly shows how Asian talents can reclaim the aesthetics of the cyberpunk genre. These talents wanted to demonstrate this ability, and I feel this debut issue does the job.

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Celebrate Good Times, not Bad with Kodomobanpaku

Kodomobanpaku is a movie that offers a a genuine look at giving kids the space they need to learn, grow up, and be themselves.

KodomobanpakuWhen life in Japan gets too stressful, perhaps all anyone can do is the Kodomobanpaku (こどもばんく). This wonderful Japanese drama by Norikazu Oda shows what children can do when life gets them down, and they’re wanting to do something about it. Instead of grieving, they want to escape by being at a fun spring festival. In this film’s case, it marked the start of the online portion of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

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