Maybe Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Needs Other DLCs to Keep Gamers Going

The update to Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed gives us gamers a few new things. The latest map reminds me of Riverview, an abandoned and haunted mental health facility in Coquitlam, BC.

Ghostbusters Spirits UnleashedWith the latest tweaks to IllFonic’s Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed and a bit of new content that’s not technically a full on DLC, I can return to this game. It was released late October, in time for the Halloween crowd, but unless you put your name down for a copy, it was hard to find a physical copy during that month.

When I eventually got it gifted to me during holiday break and I sat down to play, the difficulty level was just crazy. The missions can’t be won solo because the AI bots aren’t all that helpful. Gamers need to depend on real life teammates in LAN parties or online to succeed. To catch that pesky ghost requires cooperation and communication rather than waiting for the next case to goop all over them. When news of a DLC was announced, I hoped it included some essential fixes.

Thankfully, it’s not important to achieve victory since after so many missions, the cut scenes will show up to move the story along. But as for that wish-list, none of the improvements spiritually manifested.

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Kitsune Zero DLC Expands Super Bernie World for Retro a Go Go Fun!

The Kitsune Zero paid DLC will be available free of cost to users with verified speedruns of Super Bernie World prior to Kitsune Zero’s release.

Kitsune TailsKitsune Zero, the prequel to Kitsune Tails, the platformer styled after beloved classics and steeped in Japanese mythology while featuring diverse relationships, comes to life on Steam today, available as DLC for Super Bernie World, the electoral activism platformer downloaded by more than 350,000 voters at the ballot box.

Journey through a new story created by developer Kitsune Games (MidBoss, Ultra Hat Dimension, Super Bernie World) in collaboration with publisher MidBoss™ (2064: Read Only Memories). Experience the original four worlds of Super Bernie World, now setin the Kitsune Tails universe.

Run and jump as fox-spirit Yumi across eight new worlds exclusive to the DLC. Dodge high speed enemy attacks from the Edo soldiers in an all new hard mode made to challenge speedrunners and platformer enjoyersalike. Collect powerups fueling Yumi’s abilities to grow in size, throw striking fireballs, and become indestructible for a temporary amount of time.

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