Fighting in Ysbryd Game’s World of Horror Isn’t as Easy as Some Might Think!

To create a retro style game in World of Horror really means understanding how to push the limits of 2 bit technology, and being inspired by the right manga artist!

Fatal Flora World of Horror TerrorAlthough the graphic user interface in Ysbryd Game‘s latest product is fairly easy to figure out, I struggled with parts of the game. When fighting against the many monsters found in World of Horror to get me into the mood for Halloween, the ability to plan out my moves needs to be streamlined. Just how it’s organised in this early release demo is really wonky, and it’s like flipping through an old edition of Call of Cthulhu RPG just to consult various tables.

Even though the interface reveals what each icon represents with a word, I still struggled with wondering what actions can succeed each other. This system also calculates just how many points each move does, and it can’t go over 200. Therefore, planning what your best method of attack is important! Also, the option to run away is tucked elsewhere! It should be a primary action, rather than delegated into a submenu. Just like this pen and paper game, this electronic counterpart it depends more on solving the mystery and reciting the ritual to dispel the terror than fighting everything head on.

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30XX, A Modern Take on a Classic Formula

One of 30XX’s standout features is its snappy and responsive controls. Dashing, jumping, and wall-climbing are intuitive, with a helpful tutorial zone for newcomers.

30xx Title CardBatterystaple Games
Available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch

30XX, developed and published by Batterystaple Games, is an indie action platformer that pays homage to the iconic Mega Man X series from the 90s. Serving as a sequel to 20XX, this roguelite game offers a unique experience with procedurally generated levels, two distinct characters, and a mix of classic gameplay elements with modern twists.


30XX invites players to choose between two characters: Nina and Ace. Nina wields a versatile blaster and can augment her arsenal with the powers of defeated enemies, while Ace relies on his laser sword, boasting wide swings and efficient energy regeneration. The story is simple yet effective: Nina and Ace must protect Earth from rampaging robots.

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Survival Fountain of Youth Early Access in Review and Quick Tips. How How Long Can You Last?

Even at launch, players have written up guides on Steam to help newcomers going through Survival Fountain of Youth not as tough.

Survival Fountain of Youth Title CardOdinsoft’s Survival Fountain of Youth (Steam link) has everything I want in a video game of resource management, archeological exploration, and survival on an uncharted island. When it’s set somewhere in the Yucatán Peninsula and concerns Ponce de Leon’s search for the Fountain of Youth, I couldn’t wait to start exploring!

Here, my avatar is part of this Conquistador’s expedition. After a storm has wrecked the boat, anyone able to survive is not lost at sea, but winds up somewhere else on the many tiny islands located near Bimini. What this game offers are challenges of day to day living in the age of discovery, and a mystery regarding the location of the archaeological treasure. For now, it isn’t finished and this Early Access product has only whetted my appetite.

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With Spiders, Kill It With Fire VR Satisfies That Primal Urge

Perhaps it’s best not to listen to The Who’s “Boris the Spider” while playing tinyBuild’s Kill It With Fire VR.

Kill It With Fire VR TItle CardThe only thing I like to see changed with tinyBuild‘s Kill It With Fire VR is that it should’ve been customised to include proper room scale tracking. On the Meta Quest 2, it’s included, but is very limited. The PSVR version handles it differently. The option to move around the limited space by either pushing the navigation stick or pointing to where you want to go isn’t perfect, but it at least gets people standing–the best way to play this game. The game deals with the rest. Using the controller to move might induce motion sickness. But if you can handle the nausea, the thrill of the hunt is on!

The older version is still fun to play, but to have that virtual world sensation delivers a unique experience. It’s like when I’m hunting them for real; whenever I spot a spider, I chase after these critters with a slip of cardboard and a cup to catch for release outside. I’m not that cruel in real life. Although, the more of them you can flatten in-game, the more satisfying the experience is. And virtual apartment you live in opens up! But the game doesn’t end there. It’ll take you outdoors too and into other environments.

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The Wait For 9 Years of Shadows to Hit Nintendo Switch Won’t Be Long

The twisting corridors of Castle Talos are ready to be mapped and sequence-broken today for anyone up to the task to experience 9 Years of Shadows.

9 Years of Shadows Logo9 Years of Shadows, the resplendent pixel art Metroidvania from developer Halberd Studios and publisher Freedom Games, restores radiant rainbows today on PCs via Steam and Epic Games Store. The Nintendo Switch edition will get its time to shine in Q3 2023.

Darkness and despair cover the entire world, stripping all living creatures of hope. Europa, a young warrior clad in elemental armour, joins forces with a ghostly teddy bear named Apino to banish this cursed black-and-white cloud hanging over the realm. Only together can they locate the source of the scourge within Castle Talos and usher in the return of brilliant colours.

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