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From PC to Switch with Dark Deity

17 Mar

Dark Deity (Video Game 2021) - IMDbSword & Axe LLC

Available on Switch
March 17 2022

Disclaimer: A review copy was supplied

In the Kingdom of Delian, King Varic is waging a reckless war to avenge the death of his father. However, things are not going well for the demanding ruler. To bolster his forces, he forcibly conscripts every student in his military academy directly into the army, ready or not. This is where Irving and his companions come into the story. These trainees are pulled into a war they aren’t fully prepared for, and along the way are drawn into an even greater conflict that could upend their entire world.

This is the setup for Dark Deity, a Strategy Role Playing game developed by Sword & Axe LLC and published by Freedom Games. released last year on Steam after a successful campaign on Kickstarter, it has now been ported over to the Nintendo Switch.

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Patience is Required to Advance in Castle Morihisa

23 Feb

Castle Morihisa Review - Grueling But FunAvailable for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch

Coming from the world of collectible card games, Smokingbear Studio’s Castle Morihisa is a familiar product. The artwork reminds me of the early days of Magic the Gathering and not only is this game a deckbuilder type product but also include rogue-like battle elements. There’s more than a few cards that resembles popular ones from the Revised set, and here, players have to finessee their deck so that your character can take down foes with ease. Finding those rares are tough, and it requires dedicated weeks of play to find them.

Instead of button smashing, you are card slashing your way through various yokai and natural predators while headed to the tower. The goal is to banish evil from the land. There’s a rebellion brewing somewhere, and it’s up to players to stop that from happening.

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On Nintendo’s Switch, You’re a PopSlinger than Singer

7 Feb

hero?v=2022012616Released January 26, 2022
Nintendo Switch

Life can’t be any cooler than PopSlinger, but just how far this arcade style musical shooter by Funky Can Creative goes depends on how good you are with a gun powered by soda. Part of the design is wickedly inspired by 90s anime and its design celebrates this era with amusing nods to Blockbuster, Tower Records and K.B. Toys. The soundtrack is funky enough to enjoy, and it reacts to your in-game performance. This concept helps players stay invested.

Here, you play Ria Carbon who is out to save the world. The intruders from another dimension turn their victims into Corazones and it’s up to you to wash them down. They look like sludge creatures rather than space invaders, and perhaps the idea is in line with how they can be defeated, with soda! The weapons powered by carbon are a strange piece of tech to deploy, and in-game, the theory is that you’re melting your enemy down so they can wash down the sewer. When you have shot down enough of them, your spirit guide(s) are able to manifest to help! One of them is a former pop slinger who goes by the name of Gin and she’s perhaps the most helpful.

PopSlinger 4

In another aspect, the 2D landscape is not as easy to travel around in. You can’t go backwards (which is a problem) or easily point the joystick in the direction you want to dodge enemy fire. They come at you straight or angled. Nailing the aliens isn’t easy as your weapon’s range is very short. You have to get close to nail the one or two nasties; after that, if there’s more, you better be quick to shoot, dodge and roll to one side. The latter isn’t available, but I wish I could!

Popslinger is better with an arcade fight stick rather than the Nintendo Switch’s joy con. Both are similar where neither offers an advantage. The goal is to nail targets in a specific coloured order for those heals, power-ups and conjuring of help. Both are required for the boss battles and advancing to the tougher levels. As I battled one, I saw no power bar to know how weakened it was. It felt like forever to defeat it.

Once you’re hurt, you lose one of three bars of health. Without a manual or in-game information about where to find first-aid kits, I was at a loss. This game is like Mario where tons of practice is required. I wanted to unlock the ‘Dream Time’ but to kill enough enemies in a specific order in a one-way world wasn’t achievable during my runs. Here, mastering dodging is required to progress in this game. Or, for casuals like me, perhaps having a level of difficulty switch is better.

Hopefully a patch is coming, so I can keep trying rather than give up.

Atari’s Asteroids is Reloaded, but…

16 Jan

AAsteroids Recharged » Atarivailable for Nintendo Switch, PS4/5 and Xbox

Anyone who has played the original Asteroids will find the Recharged settings for button mashing very unnatural. That’s because long time players of this game have grown accustomed to pushing buttons to aim and steer the spacecraft to shoot away these rocks in space. Even with the many versions available on the Internet (sometimes called Atari Reloaded), I’m more inclined to load up those takes than to play the official product.

My skill with the original and Atari 2600 lets me get farther. To put this game on a stick is odd. I need my buttons! At least some of them can be assignable through system preferences. But having a reconfigured setup plays better on an arcade fight stick. Also, I’d require a cabinet sized spread than a small one, which I picked up on Amazon to test if my theory is true, and I’ve lasted longer.

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Dying Light: Platinum Edition is Switched Up!

20 Oct

Front Zoom. Dying Light Platinum Edition - Nintendo Switch.Available to purchase on Amazon USA

Zombieheads who want to destroy the undead on the go this Halloween will be glad Techland‘s Dying Light: Platinum Edition is now on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s jam packed!

Just how much is crammed into the physical card is revealed, and it’s safe to say for those digital downloaders, perhaps its time to make some room on that external card. This edition has a range of brand new features prepared especially for the platform, such as HD Rumble support, touchscreen support, gyro aiming, local and online co-op, and motion controls. It includes over a hundred hours of single-player gameplay, and there’s even more unforgettable content when you play and explore the world with friends in co-op mode.


  • Dying Light – the full award-winning game. 
  • Dying Light: The Following – a huge expansion complete with a new story, vast original map, and a customizable buggy to drive.
  • Dying Light: The Bozak Horde – a challenging game mode with its own side story.
  • Cuisine & Cargo – two additional quarantine zones.
  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle – a set of exclusive weapons and outfits.
  • Hellraid – a new game mode that takes place in a dark fantasy setting.
  • A large collection of skins and weapons that will make slaughtering zombies even more fun.

Band together with fellow survivors on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, and YouTube.

About Dying Light

A first-person action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open-world overrun by flesh-hungry zombies. Roam the city devastated by a mysterious virus epidemic. Scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and face hordes of the infected. Dying Light was published in 2015 and has been played by over twenty million people all over the world. The game whose uncompromising approach to gameplay set new standards for first-person zombie games. Still supported with new content and free community events years after the release.

About Techland

Founded in 1991 in Poland, Techland is a renowned independent game developer and distributor for all leading platforms, including PC, Sony PlayStation, and the Xbox family of devices. Techland is best known for the original Dead Island games, the Call of Juarez series, and the Dying Light franchise, a global phenomenon played by over 20 million unique players to date. To top that, Techland’s experienced teams allow the developer to work on two of its own AAA titles at the same time. Comprising over 400 professionals across three offices in Poland, the company is committed to delivering unforgettable experiences and using the latest technology for innovative entertainment, which includes the proprietary C-Engine. For more information about the company itself, visit the official website at:www.techland.net.

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