Musician Shiki Miyoshino Debut Single is Ready to Debut Come July 12, 2023!

Japanese gothic music has a new cheerleader, and her name is Shiki Miyoshino!

Shiki Miyoshino Promotional ImageShiki Miyoshino  (美吉野しき) , an American-born singer and virtual talent who belongs to PRISM Project, has announced her major debut with Sony Music Labels Inc. Her first single, titled “Hanahaki Syndrome,” is set to be released on July 12, and ahead of its release is the album cover to be used!

This siren is an occultic inugami born from the wandering souls of dog owners who have lost their passion. She is lively and cheerful and has a deep love for music, horror, and, of course, dogs. These older videos can be viewed on her YouTube channel.

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In EALoGAMES’ Paranormal Hunter, You’re Sadly Alone, And That’s Not Good

What’s recreated in Paranormal Hunter is very much in line with many cinematic haunted house stories, and as for mirroring what real life investigations are like, it’s nothing like.

Paranormal Hunter on SteamEALoGAMES multiplayer videogame Paranormal Hunter has the potential to be good, but without a team to help you investigate, tackling the tougher missions on your own is tough! It’s similar to Phasmophobia, which is more popular and a better polished game. While that can be engaged solo, this take is designed to have at least three people willing to dive into eerie locations! Fainting upon encountering the supernatural is common. That’s quite different from what those of the television paranormal reality trade typically encounter. As most people know, most of these docudramas are created for entertainment purposes only!

What’s revealed in these missions will certainly test many an avatar’s sanity, and perhaps the player’s too. Although the game takes a cue from H.P. Lovecraft, with a digital metre to show where the mental resilience is at, to emerge with that state intact is super rare. Although what’s this early access release looks almost ready to be unleashed, it really needs two things to be fixed. Continue reading “In EALoGAMES’ Paranormal Hunter, You’re Sadly Alone, And That’s Not Good”

Charting the Rise and Fall of the Blackberry in a Near Perfect Biopic

What makes this movie special is in how it celebrates the victories and the impact the Blackberry had. It’s a shame it couldn’t adapt with the times.

Blackberry Movie PosterPlaying May 5th at the Chicago Critics Film Festival (tickets) before opening worldwide May 12th.

Jay Baruchel must love playing the underdog. I’ve seen a lot of movies he’s starred in, and these characters may seem meek at first, but by the end, they’ve come out on top in one way or another. In Blackberry, he’s Mike Lazaridis, the father of the smartphone, and what I see is a person being pushed around by greedy b*astards. Had he partnered with other people who were just as visionary, I’m sure this device might have evolved with the times instead of becoming a relic of early century.

Although his company, Research in Motion, created the first generation of smartphones, what’s presented in Matt Johnson‘s film is about three figures who led this research house through all its ups and downs. That is, not everyone has a good sense for business, and I believe that was key to this company’s eventual demise. However, this movie is not about what they did. Instead, it’s about how he and Doug Fregin (played by Johnson) would struggle to be the true heart of the company, while another individual attempts to usurp them. If this plot sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve seen it in The Founder (movie review).

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[Interview] Secret Space UFOs and Darcy Weir, What’s the Connection?

In this documentary series, Darcy Weir looks at what’s out there in Secret Space UFOs and he tries to deliver some answers.

Darcy Weir and UFOs Publicity ShotUncork’d Entertainment

Darcy Weir is a filmmaker on a mission with his latest series, Secret Space UFOs. He developed a fascination with the idea of a reality concealed from the public at an early age, and it led him down a path of discovery to explore various facets of occult culture.

I’m of a similar mindset, and while I also embrace the scarier side (ghosts) too, he’s more about the cryptids and aliens. They exist, but to get the public to accept they are hiding amongst us means getting to truths few documentaries seldom want to talk about. He believes Ufology is going mainstream, and that’s good for those who want to believe.

In his latest series, titled Secret Space UFOs, he’s exploring everything that is made publicly accessible or spoken of in hushed words. There’s NASA’s First Missions, Apollo 1 to 11, and now Fastwalkers. The latter debuted this week on various streaming channels, and it should’ve been grouped together with his past works. The latest is a continuation, and he said, “I cover a lot of NASA UFOs from 1973 post Apollo missions, all the way up until recent years.” Continue reading “[Interview] Secret Space UFOs and Darcy Weir, What’s the Connection?”

Aiobahn and yanaginagi is on Fire with Re: Searchlight Single!

EDM DJ Producer, Aiobahn partnered up with singer-songwriter yanaginagi to produce the latest hit that’s sure to hit clubs worldwide!

Aiobahn Music Producer Art StillLast week, Aiobahn, released RE: SEARCHLIGHT online and the music video is simply adorable! This song features singer-songwriter yanaginagi and is a major label release in Japan. Also, Wataru Uekusa is that animator behind this work. Hopefully a subtitled version will be coming, so fans world wide can enjoy the meaning behind this work.

Last month, this talent also released INTERNET YAMERO (March 17), and it received over 6.4 million views on YouTube within a month of its launch, and number of subscribers to his YouTube channel increased by 30,000 in a month.

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