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Tempest 4K, STEAMed & Reviewed!

27 Jul

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

* Also available on the
PlayStation4 and Xbox One.

Sooner or later, the game to which I took my nickname from, had to be reviewed. Back in the 80’s with the huge arcade game boom, Atari’s Tempest was the game I fell in love with. Enter 2018, the 4K upgrade is here! I’m not talking about video resolution, but instead, how pumped this latest imagining is. It’s wild and crazy in how tough it gets after six levels from the start. Even after weeks of playing, I’m not completely proficient. The main problem is that no proper controller exists to play the game like it was originally designed.

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Remembering the Golden Oldies with Digital Archive Websites

16 Dec


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

In the search for great comic books from the yesteryear, most aficionados will have to hit auctions and estate sales to find what they want. Titles from the Platinum Age (1897 – 1938) to the Golden Age (1939-1950), introduced the era of the superhero to more than just one generation of readers, but purchasing these comics now is near impossible. Unless you are rich, forget it.

Thankfully, not everyone is out to make an investment with an Action Comics #1 so they can wind up having a million dollar nest egg to retire on sixty-five years later. There are digital archivists actively looking to preserve this bit of the past for readers preferring online content.

To name a few, Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine and Fury Comics are two very good websites to start digging through. Another archival website is Comic Book Plus, along with the Digital Comics Museum (DCM), which boasts a wide variety of titles available for anyone to read for free (though the operators may ask for donations to help offset the costs of keeping the the website running).

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[Electric Bungalow] Kingston’s MobileLite is Feature Rich!

11 Dec

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)
ab55768_5Kingston Technology’s Kingston Digital 5-in-1 Mobile Companion is a very versatile travel companion and I can see it being asked for as an item to put under the Christmas tree. When computer tablet and cell phone users find storage space is tight in their mobile units (especially when some units do not offer a microSD slot), being able to stream data from a centralized router / memory card reader / battery charger / internet hub comes in very handy.

For people who take lots of photos, the need to shuffle information to offline storage is a must. There are plenty of other devices from other manufacturers that do a similar job with matching features, but how it performs is with the file browsing software that’s provided instead of how many charges this device offers. In real world testing, it can fully charge two devices before giving up the ghost. When it has not been used for several months, this device shows it can truly hold its juice and still provide a charge!

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One Tech Geek’s Dream for Christmas Day

22 Dec


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

If there’s another nerdy wish list for Santa to look at, I can only hope that maybe one item from this list will be under my tree.

In this case, maybe a few items will finally get a proper release date because they are still stuck in their development cycle. Just maybe, one day, I will find a TARDIS waiting for me to take me on a whirlwind trip around the world. Who doesn’t want to time travel just to witness how the Egyptian pyramids were truly built? And besides, with the first item on my list, I can take home some souvenirs!

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