TRON 3 is Happening! Thoughts on the Latest News.

What fans can expect from TRON 3 is a different story direction than what’s implied from the last film, and that’s okay given the time that’s elapsed since that release.

Tron Legacy IMAX PosterWhatever the reasons were for delaying the making of Tron 3, I’m simply glad it’s happening! News has been dropping fast and furious concerning what’s been changed since Joseph Kosinski’s original plans back in 2015.

Although we’re not getting the continuation with what he fashioned after Tron Legacy, the concept is still there. According to, the film is due to begin shooting in Vancouver come August, and on, Jodie Turner-Smith is the latest star announced to appear in this film. She will be joining Jared Leto, Evan Peters and Greta Lee.

Joachim Rønning (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) is the director this time round. He’s a very competant director to handle this property after having more than a few films made for Disney under his belt. And the talents tapped to pen this instalment add Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne to the mix. Series creator Steven Lisberger is no doubt the lead of this writing team.

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Disney’s TRON Celebrates 40 Years! So Where is Flynn Hiding Now?

Disney’s TRON is celebrating 40 years! So what can we expect from this franchise now?

TRON Original Poster

On July 9th, Disney’s TRON will celebrate 40 years! This story about whether the digital world is truly alive is one reason why fans love this IP. The other is in the fact that the avatars found in The Grid are fighting for freedom against an oppressive overlord. It was a time before the Internet, so to leave one world to enslave others from another meant hacking away at those barriers which protected each individual computer from a larger world.

The idea has been furthered in other works on television and film. Although the digital domain or examination of the hoodoo that goes on isn’t always the focus, Mainframe’s Reboot and even The Matrix is influenced by this film. But to return to this discourse has been difficult. Two movies have been made. The first one dealt with introducing viewers–to which Flynn (Jeff Bridges) learned just how sentient the programs are. Nobody back then really thought about the discourse writer/director Steven Lisberger wrote when Dr. Walter Gibbs spoke out.

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Disney’s TRON is not Dead! Thoughts on Where This Franchise Will Go.

Disney\'s TRON logoBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The good news is that Disney’s TRON franchise is not dead. Whether Flynn lives remains to be seen. As for where director Garth Davis will take this world, it’s definitely not going to be in the our reality. This up and coming talent is known for his biographical drama, Lion, and the plan is to no doubt make this film roar. The title is TRON: Ares (perhaps in reference to God of War?) in a tweet that’s been now modified.

The company scrapped plans for a proper sequel to Legacy and left the reasons undisclosed. A lot of fans thought all future possibilities have been derezzed. Thankfully, that theory is not the case. Disney World Shanghai has a Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster ride which opened in 2016–and slated for a proper debut in 2021–interest in this property is definitely not dead. It’s just delayed.

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Remembering TRON Part 2 — What’s Still on the Game Grid

Tron_LogoBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Most of the games developed after the release of TRON or its sequel Legacy try to be faithful to the source material, but there’s no denying the original arcade game is the best. It had four different types of games available to play, and if the user is highly skilled, can plow through it in one go. Given the limits of the technology at the time, it did not recreate every single moment like the film, but it was a terrific product. With home computers, some of it was translated over, or developed into a new game.

Checked and re-checked is this list of products still available to play. Some were not easily reobtainable (this avid TRON enthusiast has a budget known as a hobby allowance) and had to be replayed in the making of this list.

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Remembering TRON the Movie, LEGO News & On Reboot

Ever since the movie TRON graced the big screen, it’s become a cult phenomenon and there are no signs of it dying.

TRON Legacy PosterBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Ever since the movie TRON graced the big screen, it’s become a cult phenomenon and there are no signs of it dying. On, confirmed is the release of the TRON Legacy Lightcycle! If it lights up, I’m going to be on it faster than a … those bikes fighting each other for control on the Grid! This recent news had me feeling nostalgic for the film, and this weekend, I will be watching both works again and having thought experiments in what the third film could have been if only …

In some ways, the upcoming Reboot: The Guardian Code offers a glimpse of what may have been. This series is set to debut on Netflix on March 30th, worldwide (except Canada). YTV has exclusive rights for this country up North and will broadcast in June of 2018. Instead of outright slamming this show by saying it’s ruining my childhood, I will watch it and decide afterward if it is even worthy of the Reboot name, much less take an opposite approach of how TRON: Legacy ended when Quorra escaped the Grid.


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