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Disney’s TRON is not Dead! Thoughts on Where This Franchise Will Go.

11 Aug

Tron_LogoBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The good news is that Disney’s TRON franchise is not dead. Whether Flynn lives remains to be seen. As for where director Garth Davis will take this world, it’s definitely not going to be in the our reality. This up and coming talent is known for his biographical drama, Lion, and the plan is to no doubt make this film roar. The title is TRON: Ares (perhaps in reference to God of War?) in a tweet that’s been now modified.

The company scrapped plans for a proper sequel to Legacy and left the reasons undisclosed. A lot of fans thought all future possibilities have been derezzed. Thankfully, that theory is not the case. Disney World Shanghai has a Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster ride which opened in 2016–and slated for a proper debut in 2021–interest in this property is definitely not dead. It’s just delayed.

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Remembering TRON Part 2 — What’s Still on the Game Grid

23 Apr

Tron_LogoBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Most of the games developed after the release of TRON or its sequel Legacy try to be faithful to the source material, but there’s no denying the original arcade game is the best. It had four different types of games available to play, and if the user is highly skilled, can plow through it in one go. Given the limits of the technology at the time, it did not recreate every single moment like the film, but it was a terrific product. With home computers, some of it was translated over, or developed into a new game.

Checked and re-checked is this list of products still available to play. Some were not easily reobtainable (this avid TRON enthusiast has a budget known as a hobby allowance) and had to be replayed in the making of this list.

I’m still hopeful a future is out there for a third film. Interest is alive in different merchandising fronts than with a tale. I believe TRON is simply laying dormant, that’s all. Continue reading

Remembering TRON the Movie, LEGO News & On Reboot

24 Mar

TRON Legacy PosterBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Ever since the movie TRON graced the big screen, it’s become a cult phenomenon and there are no signs of it dying. On Brickset.com, confirmed is the release of the TRON Legacy Lightcycle! If it lights up, I’m going to be on it faster than a … those bikes fighting each other for control on the Grid! This recent news had me feeling nostalgic for the film, and this weekend, I will be watching both works again and having thought experiments in what the third film could have been if only …

In some ways, the upcoming Reboot: The Guardian Code offers a glimpse of what may have been. This series is set to debut on Netflix on March 30th, worldwide (except Canada). YTV has exclusive rights for this country up North and will broadcast in June of 2018. Instead of outright slamming this show by saying it’s ruining my childhood, I will watch it and decide afterward if it is even worthy of the Reboot name, much less take an opposite approach of how TRON: Legacy ended when Quorra escaped the Grid.

Tron Legacy LEGO Light Cycle Is Coming in 2018 1

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TRON 3 is Rezzing into Vancouver!

10 Mar

Tron Legacy new Imax Poster

According to VanCity Buzz, TRON 3 will begin filming in the city of Vancouver BC this Fall. Fans of Disney‘s electronic paradise are no doubt cheering and hopefully the tale will pick up where the last film left off, with Sam (Garrett Hedlund) riding off into the sunset with Quorra (Olivia Wilde) by his side. He freed himself from the grip that CLU had. But can androids dream of electric sheep? Just what kind of reality will both of them find now that they are in the real world than virtual? Also, will Cillian Murphy play a more prominent role? He is the son of Dillinger, the mastermind behind the problems featured in the first film.

These answers will need to be answered. With a script that’s taken nearly five years to develop, the hope is that writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were also involved in helping craft the next chapter. According to the Internet Movie Database, David DiGilio (Eight Below, Warrior) and Jesse Wigutow (It Runs in the Family, The Prince) are writing the screenplay. Their credentials do not bode a lot of confidence and they may be contract writers than people intimately understanding of what the TRON universe is about. The big hope here is that Steven Lisberger has been working very closely with them to ensure his vision is intact.

In the report, the only two people confirmed is Hedlund returning and Joseph Kosinski directing. There’s no hint as to whether or not Lisberger is involved as executive producer. Unofficially, Bruce Boxleitner remarked that the film depended on how much the studios wanted this product to be made, and with teases from Disney Infinity 2.0 bringing Sam and Quorra into the game, momentum is no doubt being made to reignite interest in TRON from fans. Now the big question is if will either Boxleitner or Jeff Bridges will have roles in this third film, or will the TRON saga be a trilogy?


Source(s): VanCity Buzz, Bad Ass Digest

Tron Legacy: A Profound Reflection of a Digital Lifestyle

7 Jul

Tron Legacy new Imax Poster

The one lasting influence the movie TRON placed upon the world of pop culture is its neon stamp. The CGI was cool and who did not want to play glow-in-the-dark Frisbee? Tron Legacy lives up to everything the first film defined and goes even further.

Original director/writer Steven Lisberger tapped into the same mythos that embraced a Star Wars generation. Instead of a lightsaber, there is an identity disc. There’s no doubt of some copycat moments, and this film is simply tapping into what audiences are already familiar with. In this film, the relationship between two individuals, Sam (Garrett Hedlund) and his father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), is explored. The senior has disappeared off the face of the earth and when a page arrives on Alan Bradley’s (Bruce Boxleitner) cell phone, that is when Sam’s world gets turned around.

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