Getting Back to Nature with Matt DesLaurier’s Wayfinder

Wayfinder Production ArtAvailable on Apple Store and online.

Anyone who wants to take Matt DesLauriersWayfinder art game on the go can now play it on iOS! This game is something I’m sure Hayao Miyazaki would endorse, as it’s rich world is filled with serene wonder and beauty. You’re wandering through a forest, and encountering everything a natural world can offer. The objects you’re supposed to find don’t pop up right away, but when you do and use them, areas will come alive and you’ll feel like you are experiencing the ‘sound of music.’

This program blurs the line between video game, animated short and interactive poem and lets the player create the experience “from the ground up.”

From the press release:

Symbolizing the give-and-take relationship humans have with nature, players move a mystical character through forest, grasslands and tundra in search of poetic tokens dotting the landscape. When activated, they reveal words hidden in the wind, breathing new life into the nearby flora and fauna. Leaves stir and flowers spring up in the character’s footsteps. Birds and butterflies emerge. As the player continues on their journey, these uncovered words combine into verse, expressing our eternal need to capture nature’s fleeting moments in poetry.

This program originally launched June 16th, on and Wayfinder captures nature’s fading memories before they’re gone forever.

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VFFOnline: Watching Paolo Head to the (Great) Big North (Il Grande Nord)

The only sad part of watching this film is that we can’t see the true majesty of the terrain as it was intended-on the big screen. Witnessing the glacial landscapes from a small screen perspective really doesn’t do this work justice.

Il Grande Nord [Italian Edition]By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Streaming Online
at the Victoria Film Festival
Get your pass here to view beginning Feb 5th, 2021

Note: Available to view for residents in British Columbia

Also available to purchase on DVD on Amazon USAII Grande Nord

British Columbia can’t look any more beautiful in the documentary, Big North (Il Grande Nord). This work looks at the life of Paolo Cognetti, an Italian and award winning author, on a pilgrimage through this province, the Yukon and Alaska as he explores the grandiose nature of the region, himself and what it all means. 

He’s following in the footsteps of those authors he admires–Jack London, Ernest Hemingway and many others–during his trek, and in what we all see are beautiful shots of the terrain with drone cameras, a cameraman or two, and thankfully no bear encounters! The goal is to have the same experience as they had, and it’ll no doubt translate into his next novel, when he’s ready to write it!

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VFFOnline 2021: Look Out! It’s a Skyfire than Sky is Falling Scenario!

It’s hilarious to see the futility of man versus nature in this film because unless there’s some future tech with an invention to calm Mother Nature down, she’ll burst a blood vessel (or zit) anytime she wants.

SkyFire (2019) - MyDramaListStreaming Online
at the Victoria Film Festival
Get your pass here to view beginning Feb 5th, 2021

Note: Available to view for residents in British Columbia

If anyone is wondering what Simon West of The Expendables 2 and Tomb Raider fame has been up to last year, prior to the pandemic, he was in China directing Skyfire.

His work is nowhere near the same level of 2012, a disaster flick of epic proportions. Instead, it’s toned down and borrows slightly from Dante’s Peak. The only difference is that this film features a very active volcano on the island of Tianhuo. Jack (Jason Isaacs) builds a resort here, and he believes he can profit from showing off how man has tamed Nature. Although this actor has done other films after Harry Potter, seeing him here is a treat.

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To Calm the Pig Inside, Coming to the IDFA Today!

When Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) razed through the Philippines, back in 2013, the devastation left behind was enormous…

II Grande NordBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

IDFA Festival

European Premiere
Nov 21, 2020

Shorts: Temporal Fragments program

Joanna Vasquez Arong’s short To Calm the Pig Inside is making waves worldwide. The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Festival (IDFA) features documentaries that move the viewer. To see her work travel from the Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival to this event’s official selection is not only a big step towards recognition but also in showing to the world how survivors from 2013’s Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) attempt to reconcile with nature when it razed through the Philippines. Life is not easy in this country, which also has several active volcanoes!

The enormous devastation wrought upon Tacloban City left many people homeless and hopeless. The frustration only grew since the corrupt government wasn’t any help. This Filipino filmmaker lived nearby but delivers the content as though she was a local. The many photographs, artwork, news footage and clips used tell a very emotional tale of how difficult life became. The stories she collected showed not everyone is brave enough to stare back at the returning gaze of a tiger.

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