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Science Friction versus Science Fiction. Distinguishing Doubtful Facts from Fantasy.

22 May

Watch Science Friction | Prime VideoScience Friction is an excellent documentary that examines if that favourite network program on History, Travel Channel or A&E is getting their facts right. Skeptoid Media wants to debunk more than just the supernatural. This work targets all those other specials about archaeology, geology and zoology. Programs like Ancient Aliens and Ghost Adventures are their least of their worries.

Those scholars who’ve appeared in these specials say a lot of what they have expressed is taken out of context. Dr. David S. Anderson, Jonathan Davis, and Dr. Ken Feder are misrepresented. They make up a third of the people interviewed to expound what these shows have gotten wrong. It’s easy for viewers to fact check themselves, but these days, not even Google is safe, unless the information presented is annotated and given a bibliography. In this piece’s case, it’s to have a website to list the credentials of the people they’ve interviewed.

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(How the) World Ends at Camp Z

13 Mar

World Ends at Camp Z (2022) - IMDbNow available on Amazon Prime

Just how The World Ends at Camp Z boils down to how to survive the pandemic, and if love can save many a splendored thing. This modestly budgeted Canadian thriller has a few bits to like. For one thing, it stars Age of the Living Dead‘s Anne-Carolyne Binette in the lead role. She plays Vanessa, a lawyer sent to convince the owners of a summer campsite to sell. Julian (Dean Persons) isn’t interested. He’s running his uncle’s operation and is doing a fine job at it until Aaron (Michael Czemerys) arrives and brings his entourage of “investors” along. They’re more like party goers and we get a story that nearly treads on Friday the 13th territory. Thankfully, this work doesn’t copy from any particular camping horror trope.

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Amazon’s Continuing ♥ with Lucy and Desi

3 Mar

Lucy and Desi (2022) - IMDbAvailable to view on Amazon Prime beginning March 4th

Amazon Studios’s release of Lucy and Desi fills the gaps that their previous work, Being the Ricardos, doesn’t explore. While it doesn’t offer anything new television historians don’t know, this excellent documentary does the job to revisit the pressures they faced from a different perspective. Both fled from one world to go live in another, either New York or Florida, in their pursuit of the American dream.

Both found success before meeting. Their love and failed relationship–as recounted in the prior drama–isn’t the focus. This take by filmmaker/documentarian Amy Poehler looks more at how they became a career focussed couple. Their bond only got stronger after the divorce. It’s well known that Desi didn’t enjoy living under Lucille’s shadow, so that’s why he needed his excursions elsewhere to be happy. Sadly, that included certain vices no doubt inherited from his family’s opulent life. Also, Desi stepped away from the limelight. It helped preserve the relationship instead of letting it fall apart.

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We Are X on Amazon Prime (USA)!

25 Feb

Watch We Are X | Prime VideoAvailable to Stream on Amazon Prime USA

We Are X is now available for the first time in the U.S. on Prime Video! From the Oscar-winning production team behind Searching For Sugar Man, this documentary is an astonishingly intimate portrait of a deeply haunted but truly unstoppable virtuoso and the music that has enthralled legions of the world’s most devoted fans.

The film culminates with preparations for X JAPAN’s historic one-off reunion concert in 2014 at New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden.

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When Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Invites Change…

28 Jan

Hotel Transylvania Transformania.jpgSony Pictures
Available to Stream on Amazon Prime

Three movies and a television series mark how long Hotel Transylvania has been in business. Drac the vampire (now voiced by Brian Hull) is immortal, and he’s been this establishment’s custodian for ages.

In the fourth film, Transformania, this overseer knows it’s time to retire and hand over the family operation. But this patriarch still dislikes the man whom his daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) fell in love with and thinks Johnny (Andy Samberg) will destroy everything he’s created. This lad feels down and thinks the only way that his father-in-law will accept him is to become a monster like them. He asks the wonderfully crazed Dr. Van Helsing (Jim Gaffigan) for help. He has a transmogrifying ray gun that’ll do the job, but its not perfect.

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