When Dark Harvest Tries to Deliver a New Urban Myth

Although this film won’t give rise to a net urban legend, it does well to say be careful in what you wish for, than reap, with Dark Harvest!

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At long last, the film Dark Harvest is ready to reap! As crops fail, and one sleepy, unknown mid-western town needs to find the means to survive, just what they must do is literally the stuff of nightmares! The novel by Norman Partridge draws from various sources, and it’s only that not only I approve of, but perhaps also Stephen King!

Here, David Slade’s adaptation of the book is gentle on the ideas. Although it’s very weak in giving the supernatural terror an appropriate background story, I just went with it. It’s rare to get a creature that might give Michael Myers a run for his money. This new terror’s hatchet job is far more gory and flick of the wrist than what the other shambling mound of muscle can do, and I believe part of his origins may allude to some relationship with Spring-heeled Jack.

We’re dealing with a movie that wants to be like Children of the Corn meets The Purge. In this film’s case, no youth is allowed to move away from Bastion, Illinois. We’re not supposed to know why. Instead, during Halloween, only one teen can do so, provided that they defeat October Boy aka Sawtooth Jack; upon doing so means good tidings for the entire family–a brand-new home, some bills paid for, and the ability for the eldest son (not daughter) to leave.

Dark Harvest and Makeup Reaper

Recently, Richie (Casey Likes) has been lamenting over why his brother Jim (Britain Dalton) has never come back. Although he receives a late letter from him, he has questions. Unfortunately, with no Scooby-Doo gang to help him investigate, all he can do is beg his parents to let him take part in “The Run.”

Everyone is aware of the urban legend. Apparently, this ghoul’s presence is real. To slay him assures a promising harvest, amongst other things.

Richie’s love interest, Kelly (Emyri Crutchfield), gives this film some weight, and she provides the motivation for this lad to do what he does. As for if the two together can leave is a big question because I doubt Sheriff Jerry Ricks (Luke Kirby) will let them. What’s between him and the family is an unresolved plot line, and I doubt the mayor will let more than one soul go. Although he doesn’t have this spectre in city council, I’m sure there’s a legacy that still needs to be told.

As a result, although this town looks simple and unassuming by day, the secret society that rules it by night has a firm grip. It’s a totally different world, which Slade does a great job at playing up at a visual level. Just how different the worlds are distinguished makes this film a worthwhile watch for the season. But if I’m to become a citizen here, and knowing what I do, I’d be wanting to keep a flamethrower by my side!

3 Stars out of 5

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