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Don’t You Forget About Me in Fearbook Club

7 Mar

NOV211082 - FEARBOOK CLUB OGN - Previews World

Aftershock Comics
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Fortunately, nobody is serving detention in Richard A. Hamilton’s graphic novel Fearbook Club. Whit Garcia is the new kid in middle school. He doesn’t gave friends. His concerned principal offers him a place at Yearbook club since he loves taking photos. This lad has a talent for getting snaps of ghostly figures too, something he tries to rationalise as dirt or anomalies of light.

It’s a detail I appreciate is in how careful Whit is with his “paranormal investigation.”  He goes digging and discovers this school’s history says it all. For decades, youths have been disappearing. The reason they’re hiding is that they’ve been chased there, bullied by their peers (from various eras), and all of that has created a Freddy Krueger-like character who dampens their spirits. It doesn’t allow them to leave, and it’s the type of traditional horror trope which makes those tales truly terrifying!

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