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On Godzilla, Ghidorah and the Monsterverse

7 Jun

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Spoiler Alert

The epic showdown I’ve been craving since Legendary Pictures acquired the license to play with Godzilla is here! In part two of maybe a trilogy, the world of monsters mankind lives in is filled with hidden agendas and a fear for the future. Our time on Earth may well come to an end. The Titans, monsters capable of mass destruction, will reclaim their territory. Can we live side by side in a symbiotic relationship, as Dr. Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) hopes? Or as TOHO Studio’s animated take suggests, will civilization regress to simpler times?

No real continuity exists between these two studio’s works. Legendary’s version is limited. Only a handful of films can be made before the terms of the contract expire. With a bigger budget, fans can see a massively CGI driven apocalyptic take of monsters ravaging each other and the world. Practical effects can only go so far, and motion capture can do a lot more these days. As this sequel takes place five years later, the Monarch organization is ready for the inevitable. In what they know and have uncovered since–humanity better be afraid!

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Hidden Kaiju in Godzilla: King of Monsters Trailer?

12 Dec

Godzilla – King of the Monsters (2019) poster.pngBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Release Date:
May 31, 2019 

The trailer for Godzilla: King of Monsters dropped on Monday and the film will no doubt make many lists of most anticipated films to see in 2019! While most of the additional kaiju has been identified–Rodan, Mothra (two forms) and King Ghidorah–could more appear? Most likely not, but after countless rewatches, I swear the tail being swung belongs to Anguirus.

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ゴジラ RULES! in this Rare Print

28 May

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


ゴジラ purists will no doubt only recognize the iconic beast by either its kanji or romanized name of Gojira. For purists, that’s the only name it goes by and thanks have to be given to Japanese manga artist Naoki Urasawa (Monster, Yawara) for creating an exclusive print that respects his true nature. Hopefully this print will see some form of distribution for fans to purchase this brilliant piece of work.

With the Legendary Pictures, Toho Films, Warner Bros logo, and copyright stamped below the poster, that must mean some company holds the rights to this print/artwork. The red stamp is Urasawa’s signature. Unlike in Western Culture, where an artists signs his name, in most Oriental societies, this stamp is unique to the artist and it is quite literally his ‘seal of approval.’

Should this print become available, fans of Urasawa’s art style can marvel as his technique. The brush strokes speaks of a determination — like that of a Fury flying through the night — and the light and dark ink tones reconigze the beast for what it is: a symbol of destruction in a war-ravaged city than something smashed up by beasts.



The Generations May Not Understand Godzilla 2014

16 May

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


* Spoiler Alert

After ten long years, Godzilla is back! This reworking of the megalithic behemoth from the deep marks this creature’s triumphant return to the big screen and although this version is not a Japanese take, British director Gareth Edwards shows that a touch of good character drama and reinvention is all that’s needed to reinvigorate this franchise for an American audience.

Faith is restored to loving a radioactive monster that is now symbolic of Nature’s unleashed fury moreso than its origins by being birthed by the atomic bomb. The all too quick opening sequence explains that for viewers to subliminally process. In the classic film made by Toho Studios, this beast is not only a metaphor for the nuclear devastation that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan but also a symbol of terror. This looming essence represents a raw unrestrained power. The monsters it (not he, since the gender is unknown) fought often sought to subjugate humanity because of some alien race’s desire to conquer Japan, if not the planet Earth. In later films, it became an anti-hero.
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