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[VFF2019] Quoth the Raven, Nevermore! The Musical Returns to Victoria

24 Aug

Metro Studio Theatre
(Fringe Venue 3)
1411 Quadra Street

Remaining Performances:
Aug 25 08:15 pm
Aug 28 05:45 pm
Aug 30 10:45 pm
Aug 31 09:30 pm

It’s very rare for me to get to see Nevermore put on by different theatre companies. It was first performed back in 2009 by Catalyst Theatre in Alberta and since then, other versions have popped up. Both gained accolades. Back in 2011, Urban Arts (defunct now) offered a Halloween thrilled spectacle recounting the life of Edgar Allan Poe. This company got permission to perform in the old courtroom in Bastion Square–the oldest part of Victoria–to give this show a special ambience different from a stage production. Because of the set, the life and times of this seminal poet, madman and architect of the macabre was center stage; audiences had the freedom to be either courtroom visitors watching or jurors waiting to cast a verdict on this person’s life.

At Intrepid Theatre‘s Metro Theatre, the 2019 Victoria Fringe Festival version has the benefit of proper stage lighting and a misty setting to give the performance a different vibe. It was more gothic. This version by Hapax Theatre stars Elliott James as Poe, Sasha Moriarty-Schieven as the Mother, Keeley Teuber as Muddy, Lara Hamburg as Elmira, Abby Corpus as Virginia and Ingrid Moore the Whore. Watching the ghosts this author faced as they descended upon him was thrilling. This setting gave a different point of view; we are looking through the looking glass at what Poe faced. Torment came at him in many directions, including us as one spirit appeared mid-audience and descended onto the stage. The people he saw were indeed etheric.

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Cats Never Stray Far in this Cosmic Tale of Survival

22 Aug

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Released: August 14th, 2019
Spoiler Alert

Dark Horse Comics has not “Strayed” off the beaten path, but is featuring a cat by the name of Lou. Writers Carlos Giffoni and Artist Juan Doe are two-thirds of the team (Matt Krotzer provides the lettering) who crafted a cosmic tale about a kitty who is much more than a familiar to Kiara. She is not a witch, but is rather a member of a scientific team wandering the galaxy. They are a compassionate pair and have little to say in the colony ship they are living in. The military’s plan for how to terraform other worlds for human recolonization is just not right.

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How to Celebrate Hungry Ghost Festival Aug 15th

14 Aug

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Ghost Month will reach its perigee on August 15th. At the Hungry Ghost Festival (盂兰盆节), these once human souls are permitted to visit the living world and some may visit their descendents to see how they are doing. On this day, we venerate them with happiness and acknowledge their existence. We save the first row in any performance venue for them to sit there. Anyone who tries may well feel a chill!

This time of the year is a different sort of Halloween. As for what believers can do in preparation is to beware of certain practices lest the spirit attaches itself. This can range from avoiding wearing clothing that is red or black to not killing insects crawling around–they may be someone’s grandparents reincarnated. The best thing to do with the latter is to catch and release the critter outside.

Superstitions aside, some fans of horror cinema may opt to get into the mood. Instead of scaring ourselves silly, we may opt to look at supernatural comedies. My choices have to fit the criteria of how the spirit world interacts with reality. Instead of a top five, I have six on my list. In my culture, we consider this number lucky. Amongst my favourites that are distinctly Asian and PG-13 in tone are:

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That Ain’t No Mummy Rebirth (2019)

12 Aug

Release Date: August 13, 2019.
DVD & Digital
Uncork’d Entertainment

When writer Justin Price teams up with director with a wicked name as Khu, good things can come from this pairing wanting to look at the legends of Ancient Egypt. Mummy Rising and Pharaohs (presumedly the sequel currently in production) may well the beginnings of a direct to DVD franchise along the lines of how the Scorpion King continued. My interest in both films simply lays with the undead coming back to life in modern times and doing what they do best: destroy all life.

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