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When Queen: Rock Tour Comes to a Screeching Halt

12 Mar

Queen Launches 'Rock Tour' Mobile Video Game | SPINBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Available on Android and iOS

Rhythm games are a dime a dozen, and not even Guitar Hero stands out as iconic. The game doesn’t replicate the feel of truly playing that stringed instrument. Somehow, the brand persevered before its eventual decline and reinvention in the virtual reality environment. Beat Saber is king for a reason, and since then, no other release has unseated its position.

The rock band Queen is attempting to break that and their own take, Rock Tour, a mobile game featuring a catalogue of the best hits, isn’t a game changer. Nimble fingered players can tap to “We Will Rock You” and other songs. After achieving a certain level of skill in select songs, other tunes can be unlocked, and the list of albums only go up to A Kind of Magic. Also, archival material and assorted trivia about this group become available. Most of this added media are recognizable, and can be found in print or online elsewhere. So far, I have not found anything new, and I don’t recommend this game to anyone who has been a long time Queen fan.

I’d rather wait for a new publication about the history of this band than play this game to learn about.

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Top 10 Films to Expect for 2021 (from 2020)

1 Jan

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Assuming movie theatres resume operations in 2021, the films I’m excited to see include part of my 2020 list. Any work that was in production and slowed down due to the pandemic striking early 2020 are not all going to be out this new year, but instead are pushed to 2022. Whatever the case, interests can shift and priorities on what to see can be pared down to the following.

The works on this list could easily be doubled, but I’m going to take the knife to essential geek viewing. Yes, Black Widow has gotten the axe. The excitement is just not there anymore for Marvel’s next phase. I’m not blaming the pandemic but rather the unfamiliarity with the various new teams to emerge, setting up perhaps a Secret War.

On the list (organized alphabetically) are:

Black Adam
Dec 22, 2021

Dwayne Johnson as the anti-hero is the best piece of casting news for any decade! The origins of this character (along with Shazam) are changed so that the Ancient Egyptian mystique is gone. I hope that the new origin story will at least offer some archeological angle to bring this anti-hero to the fore, and landing on Earth to deal with his nemesis.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife
June 11, 2021

There may well be no life at all with the delays and the hype on the away train. One key milestone anniversary has come and gone. I’ll still want to see this work, just to erase the past release, and see what the official canon is doing with the team. Do they still have it, or is everyone past their prime?

Image result for godzilla vs. kong poster

Godzilla vs Kong
May 21, 2021

The only people who know who won are the stars and filmmakers behind this movie. Whichever beast will come out on top is certain to have fans of the opposite arguing, but in this case of modern special effects digital technology, to see this in action is still having me excited to see this work, however which way it may come.

I’m also certain the MONARCH organization is invested in deciding who will win, since the fate of the planet Earth is at stake!

Matrix 4
Dec 22, 2021

Just how Neo (Keanu Reeves) will come back is on the minds of many fans of this series. When considering the leaps in special effects technology since the last set of films, this latest better break or come up with new trends!

Spider-Man 3
Dec 17, 2021

All I can guess for this film is that the Sinister Six is expected and the multiverse is going to be a lot more crowded! Sony may have been building on the idea since Sam Raimi’s introduced the wall crawler to the big screen–and consciously rebooting as an excuse to feature a new villain than old. Over time, we have all the key villains–Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Vulture, Mysterio and Electro–now in place. Instead of being from one universe, it’s many!

The only missing bad guy is Kraven the Hunter.

When considering people will want Peter Parker’s head in the last film, it makes sense to have a “bounty hunter” go after him. The only other heroes who can successfully hide this boy is the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange!

The King's Man (2021) - IMDb

The King’s Men
February 26, 2021

This prequel to the Kingsmen series may well seem to be an odd way to finish a series (assuming this work is the last), but I’m loving the cast! Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Matthew Goode, Tom Hollander, Harris Dickinson, Daniel Brühl, Djimon Hounsou and Charles Dance make up the period team, and as for how it leads to the present, only the release (or Duke of Oxford) knows…

The Suicide Squad
Aug 6, 2021

I suspect that James Gunn will inject a bit of that Guardians of the Galaxy style humour into this soft reboot of the franchise. Returning is Harley Quinn and the survivors from that first mission, but as for who is new–John Cena is sure to excite! I also feel former Doctor, Peter Capaldi, is also going to excel as the Brianiac of the group. The list of stars is huge, and just how the heck this director has managed to give everyone equal time on the screen certainly has me curious. Or, as we all know, a lot of heads are going to explode as they fail in this mission to liberate a Nazi controlled prison.

Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick 2020 Movie Poster Decor 48x32 40x27 36x24 30x20

Top Gun: Maverick
July 2, 2021

To see Tom Cruise return to the role over thirty years later says something about the longevity and why this film is still being loved. I’m hoping the soundtrack is updated to reflect this era instead of being the sign of the times.

Monster Hunter
Dec 25, 2020

Milla Jovovich can take down zombies and to see what she can handle next is perhaps the only reason any video game and cinema enthusiast wants to see this work. Well, there’s Paul Anderson too because he’s made a name for himself with many adaptations of video games (Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat). His understanding of violence makes them a bloodbath worthy to splash on a big screen, and lets hope this film gets the proper treatment than be put to streaming service.

March 19, 2021

From one pale faced villain to an anti-hero, I’m fascinated with the casting choice of making Jared Leto the protagonist in this vampire cum superhero flick. This origin story can stay faithful to the source material without ever referencing the Spider, but as for what he can do without Peter Parker around means either this doctor having a different obstacle to beat up or there’s more to who Loxias Crown (played by Matt Smith) than meets the eye.

The Best All Time Longest Running Cartoons to Self-Isolate With

23 Apr

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The Simpsons and South Park notwithstanding, it’s tough to top either as both have been on air for 30+ years now! With most parts of the world in its fifth or sixth week of self-isolating, eventually just I want to do is wish next year is here already! But seriously, if I’m going to be a couch potato, I thankfully have a huge library of television shows–animated and 80’s era shows–to tide my time with. Yes, we can go out for walks around the neighbourhood for a breath of fresh air, but for those people serious in not wanting to be exposed to the virus, it’s better to learn a new hobby to keep the mind and body sharp!

As an animation enthusiast, I’ve seen a lot of cartoon franchises evolve. As new teams gets involved, something is bound to change. I’ll rage about Thundercats Roar later; I’m still trying to decide if I like it.  As new producers try to make something new for today’s viewing audiences, it’s hard to say if they are in touch with kids of today. Perhaps the better question is to ask, are they wanting to remind us of once was then reinvent the premise? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the best example of how these heroes in a half shell has changed. Well, that’s mostly in how April O’Neil looks than the turtles. These teens will never grow up!

My criteria are series lasting for more than but not equal to five seasons. There’s plenty to choose from and instead of a top ten, I’m opting for a top five.

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Takes on the Trailers unveiled during NYCC

7 Oct

Image result for new york comic conBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

On the West Coast, the San Diego Comic Convention offers trailers of the must-see movies and television series of the 2018 and 2019 season. Add a few more months into the mix, the New York Comic Convention is the East Coast show to pay attention to. The new Hellboy movie trailer dropped at this event, and the studio has yet to release on YouTube. Reports reveal the fact this work is more of a horror flick than the light-hearted del Toro version. Even the tease to X-Men: Dark Phoenix was shown, and based on what I have read, the set up pays homage to her comic book origins before spinning in a different direction.

In those trailers that are currently online, I am most particularly excited for the following:


If this extended Aquaman trailer indicates anything, this film will put the DC Cinematic Universe back on track. It has the feel of 300 meets Lord of the Rings. When dealing with Atlantis, the joke is not with how star Jason Momoa got his start (he became popular in Stargate’s imagining of this sunken city), but rather in how he can become the next king. The digital set pieces look very impressive, and on a proper IMAX screen, this movie will no doubt deliver.


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Dreaming of Shawn’s List of Top 25 SNES games? Part Two Arrives!

4 Jun


By Shawn Trommeshauser
(Dreaming in Digital)

It’s been a while, but here is the second part of my personal top 25 Super Nintendo games (You can read part 1 here). This time I’ll look at some of the grandest epics and most jaw-dropping technological innovations of the era. These games are widely loved and played to this day, and still inspire and affect modern game designers.

As I mentioned previously, I ended up with FAR too many games to choose from, so I had to give myself some limitations to narrow down the field.

Rule 1: The game must have been released in the North American Market at the time. This eliminates several Super Famicom titles I enjoyed such as Rockman & Forte and The Firemen.

Rule 2: It must be a game I originally played on actual hardware when it was current, not something I discovered in later years through later releases of the game, or fan-translation patches using emulation on PC. A lot of Role Playing Games got bumped due to this—Seiken Densetsu 3, Final Fantasy V, and Front Mission to name a few.

And now we continue:

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