Transformers. When The Rise of the Beasts Must Help and More Than Meets the Unicron!

Just how much of a threat are The Rise of the Beasts, or should that be Maximals vs Unicron? #transformers #moviereview #hasbro

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Movie PosterParamount Pictures

Ever since I saw Transformers The Movie back in 1986, my love for Unicron only grew! To learn that he’s the big threat in Rise of the Beasts only got me excited, and since I knew this ancient threat is tough to take down, some new warriors must be borne!

In the original, various Cybertronian factions worked together to sever this giant’s link to his robotic self. As a result, his spirit would always linger. His head looms over Cybertron as a reminder of how he simply lays sleeping. To bring some of that omnipresence in Rise of the Beasts is a highlight and Steven Caple Jr. certainly delivers what we both adored from the animated film!

However, to show just how nasty this intergalactic level threat truly is can be tough. Short of using artificial intelligence to bring Orson Welles’ voice back, Colman Domingo has big shoes to fill! What’s presented is very satisfactory. But to show why he matters to the Maximals, the new robot guardians of the peace, is part-way explained, even though it breaks the original canon.

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Listing All The Significant Events in the Transformers Timeline is Needed to Make Sense of the Big Picture

Here, we present a chart of everything you need to know in the Transformers timeline to know where this franchise is headed!

The order of which live-action Transformers movies to watch first is easy to figure out, but to understand where all the events fall into place in this Transformers timeline is haphazard. It requires rewatching the films again or looking at a good movie information page to review what’s significant. After catching the early access release of the latest film yesterday, I realised I had to make this chart in order to identify the master plan.

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Movie Poster

After Rise of the Beasts, the Optimus Prime we meet isn’t the same as the one from those early films. He’s a lot more rough at the edges, and to explain if he left Earth at some later point in time only to return again in Michael Bay’s film may well have long time viewers confused. That’s assuming this filmmaker’s movies are still important to the longer narrative. It’s possible that Hasbro and all the producers will have to decide to return to the present to address the story as it’s still left untold.

Even though Bumblebee is considered a soft reboot by ignoring the future by giving us tales set in the past, at some point the narrative has to return to the now to explain a huge plot hole.

Thus, we have the following points to consider from the Transformers timeline (spoiler alert):

17,000 B.C. (Transformers 2) – The First Cybertronians discover a method to harness the power of the Sun, and when one of them selects Earth’s solar system to burn out, he gets banished. His evil decision went against their prime directive.

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Transformers Earthspark Needs More Starscream! A DVD Release Early Season Wrapup

Although the home video release doesn’t offer any extra featurettes regarding behind-the-scenes production, hopefully a complete Transformers Earthspark release will change that.

Transformers Earthspark Episodes 1-10 DVD Release
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Available for purchase on Amazon USA

Keeping up with Transformers Earthspark can be tough. It can be found on Paramount Plus, the streaming service and Nickelodeon (USA) but when not everyone subscribes to either, tuning in from another country requires patience. I’ve lost track of when YTV would finally offer the remaining episodes; this station didn’t immediately offer them and recently, this network started cycling the first half all over again rather than offer new episodes (to which not even Nick has aired).

What I’ve learned after acquiring the home video release is that it is great at connecting to the G1 series. Those classic moments were reproduced in cel animation, and that’s enough for me to say I love the presentation! Also, this new series evolves the premise that’s defined this franchise for a long time. There are certain episodes which had me wanting to pause and rewind to search for Easter eggs, and the mid-season finale “Age of Evolution” sets up a world where newly formed allegiances are challenged.

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Rolling All The Transformers Movies Out On 4K Ahead of Rise of the Beasts

Everything about Cybertron’s Finest is packaged into a Steelbook collection for this this ultra high definition upgrade of the Transformers movies for home video viewing.

Transformers Movie 4K 5 Movie Collection Slipcase
Available to preorder on Amason USA

The fight is real, and fans can watch every movie in exquisite detail as the Autobots and their human allies defend the world from the evil Decepticons with a Limited-Edition SteelBook™ set featuring six blockbuster Transformers movies on 4K Ultra HD™. This huge package is set to hit shelves on May 30, 2023!

This out-of-this-world collection arrives just in time for fans to watch all the films again before the next chapter, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, plays in theatres on June 9th. With Michael Bay stepping back and remaining as executive producer, fans can enjoy what other directors envision for this franchise.

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Thoughts on the Best Super Bowl Sunday Movie Trailers

Out of the 10 Super Bowl Sunday Movie Trailers and 2 TV spots, we give our thoughts on the best ones that got us excited for the film thsmelves!

Super Bowl Sunday Movie TrailersMost regular film previews can last up to two minutes, but that’s provided you’re seeing them in theatres. Unfortunately, all of the Super Bowl Sunday movie trailers satisfies this criteria. The Flash is its own independent entry than make the list because I thought, “Didn’t I see this before?”

I’ll have to watch my home video release of the television series’ first season to verify if the house is indeed the same architecture, and check if that version of Barry Allen reacted the same way when witnessing his mom’s death. The interior of that home might have been reused, and aside from that, we learn Batman will be key to this adaptation of Flashpoint. His role may well save an otherwise maybe doomed film.

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