Celebrating 35 Years with Scrooged. Yule Love It in 4K!

I would put Scrooged in any top ten holiday or best performances of Bill Murray list because he’s got the touch. Youi’ll laugh and cry all night long!

Scrooged in 4K
Available to purchase on Amazon USA

Paramount Pictures

What old is Scrooged again, and for anyone who has not seen this Bill Murray classic, I recommend picking this title up. Not only does the 4k release offer some bonus features nixed from the Blu-ray, but also, the remaster looks gorgeous! The texture of the black fabrics are better nuanced and the whites are crisp.

And as for deciding what elements should be made 4K, that’s a delicate balancing act. That’s because in 1988, broadcasting used some very low-fi technology (when compared to present day). In UHD, what’s presented is incredible. Instead of ‘remastering’ the broadcast quality of the television program within a show, those were kept low res. Some film grain persists outdoors to convey how Manhattan should look like, and as for the Dolby Vision transfer, it all looks great!

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When Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Get Splashy for Its Steelbook Release

The best part of collecting Transformers is that with Rise of the Beasts, we have a gorgeous package to distinguish how IP has changed over time.

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Art 4K Steelbook CaseParamount sent me the 4K steelbook release of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts for evaluation, and I must report that although the design is different from the prior collectable megaset (Youtube video), the difference is only noticable when displaying the front. If displayed on its side, nobody would notice. The former has a gungier design, whereas in Rise of the Beasts, it’s cleaner–perhaps more punk rock with a splash of Andy Warhol on top.

The design change is most likely intentional and I’m glad they help distinguish between the different eras the past films are set in.

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Just How Much Crazier Can Hunt’s Life Get after Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One?

Just what kind of crazy stunt we’ll see after Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One will require fans to wait more than a year for.

Mission Impossible Dead Reckoining Part One Movie PosterSpoiler Alert

After witnessing just how much crazier the stunts have become throughout the Mission Impossible movies, Dead Reckoning Part One is the most insane. As for whether that motorcycle stunt can be surpassed in part two, I have a prediction. There will be some nut bar oceanic test for Ethan Hunt to escape from, and he better be Harry Houdini. It’s easy to surmise that will happen in the next film when considering how part one begins.

What I enjoyed from this film concerns how the stakes get raised. This unit keeps on finding themselves in missions a single human can’t take on alone. In this series, Hunt’s team has each other’s back. And it’s great the stories never deviate from this fact. Also, from simple espionage narratives to global threats, I believe this latest is taking cues from past films. From Ghost Protocol to the team creating a Rogue Nation of their own, the latest motion picture has a nautical title that not everyone is talking about.

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It’s Probably A Good Idea to Get Caught Up. Mission Impossible on Steelbook.

In preparation of the upcoming film, Mission Impossible Dead Reckoining, we look back at the past films and review the steelbook releases as a whole.

Mission Impossible Steelbook GridThe re-release of Paramount Pictures / Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible films as collectable steelbooks is more than perfect to highlight what may be the end of a journey. There may be elements in the upcoming films which may recall the earlier adventures and challenge the team in new ways never thought of.

Even though the next two films hint a putting closure to the franchise, this actor has been quoted to say that he wishes to continue playing Ethan Hunt until he’s as old as Harrison Ford, on the Sydney Morning Herald.

To see these 4k prints offered alongside the Blu-ray and a separate disk with the bonus features will take at least a week to get through, and fortunately my break gave me the time to watch all the films again. The package design is fantastic. Although nothing new has been added to this release, there are IMF stickers to use, which are included in part 3 on up.

Starting today, the last two volumes of these metal box releases are available. They were released two at a time, building up to Dead Reckoning part one!

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Cowabunga dudes! Fans Can Meet the Cast and Preview Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem Character Posters.

Here, fans can preview everything lurking under the sewer and prowling the streets with the release of the meet the cast of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem ahead of its release!

TMNT Mutant Mayhem in NYCAnyone excited for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem have a lot of cool stuff to cheer for this week. Not only do we have a meet the cast video, but all the character posters have been unleashed! They are presented below.

Hopefully there’ll be a means to collect them too. To own all sixteen prints would be awesome, and it’ll certainly fill up any collector’s wall. Here, we can see everyone up close and personal, and what’s offered is a terrific buildup to the summer blockbuster everyone is most likely to talk about. 

This franchise has gotten countless reboots and attempts to be realised on the big screen. There’s a lot that needs to be realised, and while the animation and art style is will take getting used to, thankfully the talents behind this work are 100% behind it, and hopefully it’ll reignite interest in a beloved property that’s now 39 years old!

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