Transformers. When The Rise of the Beasts Must Help and More Than Meets the Unicron!

Just how much of a threat are The Rise of the Beasts, or should that be Maximals vs Unicron? #transformers #moviereview #hasbro

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Ever since I saw Transformers The Movie back in 1986, my love for Unicron only grew! To learn that he’s the big threat in Rise of the Beasts only got me excited, and since I knew this ancient threat is tough to take down, some new warriors must be borne!

In the original, various Cybertronian factions worked together to sever this giant’s link to his robotic self. As a result, his spirit would always linger. His head looms over Cybertron as a reminder of how he simply lays sleeping. To bring some of that omnipresence in Rise of the Beasts is a highlight and Steven Caple Jr. certainly delivers what we both adored from the animated film!

However, to show just how nasty this intergalactic level threat truly is can be tough. Short of using artificial intelligence to bring Orson Welles’ voice back, Colman Domingo has big shoes to fill! What’s presented is very satisfactory. But to show why he matters to the Maximals, the new robot guardians of the peace, is part-way explained, even though it breaks the original canon.

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A Quick Look on Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves Second Trailer and Merchandise Updates

Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves has a second trailer! Although it adds one new tease on what’s already known, it’s the humour that’s the highlight here!

Honor Among Thieves Second TrailerHow many classic monsters can viewers recognize in Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves second trailer? There’s one add to the list of what’s already known and overall, serves up nothing really news to what’s known which I wrote about some months ago.

Here, we are finally told about the tale: after Edgin the Bard (Chris Pine) and his merry team consisting of Holga the Barbarian (Michelle Rodriguez), Xenk the Paladin (Regé-Jean Page), Simon the Sorcerer (Justice Smith), Doric the Druid (Sophia Lillis) and Forge the Rogue (Hugh Grant), realise they worked for the wrong side, they have to do right. To do good according to the thieves way of living is a must, and it’s good to see some story reveal tie in to the film’s title.

After they accomplished one theft, they have another planned to correct their mistake. But things get hairier when the Red Wizards cometh to bring the end of the world. The plot is nothing special and the vibe suggests that this goofy gang of miscrents will find a way to do what’s right. Even though everything is foreign to them–including the use of the American spelling of the word for better marketing purposes here–they’ll find a way to correct that mistake.

But when this latest trailer reveals the undead will make up a mighty climax, perhaps there will be more surprises. I’d love to see an appearance of a Lich appear to put a wrench into the entire plan!

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Who Has the Power in Hasbro & Netflix’s He-Man & The Masters of the Universe?

These teens are Eternia’s answer to Power Rangers…

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDbBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Spoiler Alert

Hasbro & Netflix’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe may not appeal to all longtime fans. It’s been redesigned, and the new power of Grayskull is a trans-dimensional force of nature to perhaps contain and explain why these retellings over the years exist. Thankfully, this latest version stays true to the first series where it tries to teach young viewers the value of friendship, trust and teamwork. 

Rob David, the showrunner, is drawing from a cleaned up series bible. Hasbro and Funimation never made one during their development of the 1983 show. After so many retellings on different fronts, namely three televised series and the comic books–this latest takes the best of and explains the complex relationships that exists in this world. The motives are much clearer. It’s also completely different from what Kevin Smith is doing in his continuation, MotU: Revelation.

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Transformers: The Movie (G1) Gets Special Engagements & Preview Starting Sept 27th!

Transformers-movieposter-westFans of the original Transformers cartoon (affectionally called G1) living in Canada should mark their calendars. The animated film where [spoiler tape censored] will screen at select Cineplex cinemas beginning Sunday, September 30 at 3:45 p.m. (local time). In the States, it will begin on September 27th. For showtimes, please check local listings or online here. This beloved classic has been meticulously remastered, restored from the original film elements, and transferred in HD.

I will be present quite simply because I still remember Starscream giving the finger in an early cut when I first saw this film long ago. It has since burned into my memory, and whether a print still survives with these scenes put back in, my hope is that this screening shall offer it. Either way, I just need this affirmation that what I saw in my youth was not a figment of my imagination.

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