Three Spin Master Batman Toy Enthusiasts To Get Excited For!

Tis the Season of the Bat, and to prepare for Christmas, there’s three favourites for fans of Spin Master Batman line of toys to consider for Christmas!

Gotham City Guardian Playset (Spin Master)Perhaps the only character that won’t see a lot of changes in the cinematic front is Batman. It’s easy to cast any actor to play Bruce Wayne aka The Bats (as The Joker likes to call him), but will the wait be worth it? While some fans wait, the rest of us just wants to join him in his adventures! Thankfully, the release of toys from Spin Master’s Batman Toy line has been good and this hero has nothing to fear, as the holiday season nears.

For your playing needs (and ours), we present this list as Christmas is right around the corner! Disclaimer: We are an Amazon Associates member, and sales made through this link help support this site.

Gotham City Guardian Playset 

MSRP: $99.99 | Age: 5+ | Available at Amazon.

Get ready for next-level Batman missions with this massive 4-in-1 transforming playset. Standing at an impressive two-and-a-half-feet tall, this interactive playset has everything to fight crime alongside the Caped Crusader, including a Batwing, Batmobile, Batcycle and Batcomputer. With lights and sounds, plus an exclusive 4” Batman figure, this epic playset is a must for any Batman fan. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

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A Guide to Fixing Everything Hasbro’s Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Action Figures Got Wrong

As much as I love owning these toys from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, there’s problems in the manufacturing. Some of the issues can be fixed by doing what I didn’t get right the during my first attempt.

Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Classics - Eric Packaging ProblemsThe two most problematic figures in Hasbro’s action figure line for the 40th anniversary of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon are Hank the Ranger and Eric the Cavalier. With the first toy, the arms are not fully posable. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get him to look like he’s in a comfortable pose to fire his energy bow.

For Eric, the colour on his chain mail armour is wrong. As a result, I had to laugh at the packaging since it shows the inconsistency of the product box art to the figure. It’s easy to add some oomph to the energy with either fluorescent or UV reactive paint, but if it can’t glow in daylight, it’s not worth the extra effort. Instead, I recommend using enamel (like Testors) over acrylic paint for improving both.

To be honest, neither holds onto the plastic very well, even after priming. Repainting them comes with a warning: touch-ups may be required. This. issue is especially true for Hank holding his electrified bow.

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In Victoria, BC Cherry Bomb Toys is Back in Business on Yates! Isn’t That Great?

The good news for locals, tourists and toy collectors coming to Downtown Victoria is that Cherry Bomb Toys is back in business!

Cherry Bomb Toys with B Woodward!In Victoria, BC, Cherry Bomb Toys has moved, and it’s now nestled on the same side of the street along with Interactivity Board Game Cafe and Haunted Manor: Mini-Golf + Ping-Pong Lounge. This much beloved family run toy store has lots of memories contained in its now bigger location, and as everything is located on one floor, The National Toy Museum of Canada will occupy the back half of the space. For this weekend, there’ll be a few random giveaways to thank those who supported them over the years and bring even more smiles to what’s been done to show they have no intention of ever closing shop.

They held their grand (re)opening Friday, May 26th with customers old and new wandering through during the afternoon. There’s still a few bits that weren’t ready, like a new storefront sign. I have no doubt it’ll be scaled to size, but for the nostalgia, the original hangs over the payment counter. The museum isn’t quite ready yet for people to wander through, but Biagio Woodward promises it’ll be spectacular.

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LEGO Jurassic Park and Where to Find those Dinos

There’s new toy sets coming for this extension to the LEGO Jurassic Park brand.

LEGO Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Sets - All box artAlthough the LEGO Group revealed five new playsets as part of the 30th anniversary of the original Jurassic Park movie a while ago, what’s next in other media fronts remains unknown. Instead of reporting this news right away, I was hoping for additional news about the LEGO Jurassic Park license before saying anything, but alas nothing has been announced.

I’m a huge fan of the animated series which is a follow up of the original trilogy and every month or so, I binge watch the silliness that goes on. This particular licensed IP debuted in 2015 as a video game from TT Fusion, and I just chuckle at the thought of LEGO dinosaurs tearing brick buildings up during their rampage.

In the meantime, I’ll be eying the following playsets that will be available to purchase on June 1, 2023.

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Spin Master is Fast with Release of The Flash Toys so They’re Not Gone Tomorrow

Whether people want to support the next film from DC Entertainment or not, The Flash toys may well be something kids want–especially when there’s a Batwing involved!

The Flash Teaser Movie PosterSpin Master Toys is getting far ahead of the game with the release of The Flash toys ahead of its release on June 16th.

Whether these super hero movies do well depends on how much merchandise is out there these days. With Shazam: Fury of the Gods, all we have so far are product from Funko! Pops and McFarlene Toys. Having additional product from the said movie to play with is a good thing and to not have enough can hurt overall impressions. I’m surprised there is no dragon, since I’d really want to own that!

But for The Flash, I still feel it’s all about the caped crusader. Batman will be the hero more so than the Scarlet Speedster. I’m glad this toy company knows that and in their first wave of product release, have the latter item available:

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