Come Back Anytime (for Ramen). You’ll Love It at Bizentei!

Although Come Back Anytime doesn’t reveal Masamoto Ueda’s cooking secrets, what we see here reveals just how loved he is by the local neighbourhood. 

Come Back Anytime (2021) Documentary PosterA home video release is being planned! Please visit the official webpage or Facebook for the latest announcements.

Anyone who loves ramen will get to learn the difference between Tokyo style, street and what makes a perfect bowl delicious. Masamoto Ueda is a ramen master in ‘s documentary Come Back Anytime, and this title is perfect to reflect his attitude and love for the craft. It’s tough to find an operation that’s 100% authentic.

Even in other cities worldwide, not many cooks know the importance in why their noodles should be served thick or thin. This man is the owner/operator of Bizentei, a shop located roughly between Shinjuku, Bunkyo and Chiyoda City (municipalities of Tokyo). It’s not too far off the beaten path, and he gets his regular customers and the occasional newcomer.

Sadly, he’s closed up shop since he’s retired, but for the nostalgia and flavours presented in this work, I’m sure many people hope someone else will take up the mantle. All that’s needed is knowledge of what he puts in the broth!

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The Next Power Ranger: Neko Râmen Taishô Movie Review


By James Shaw (The Windup Geek)
and Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

E: The enjoyment of eating ramen noodles will vary per individual, and before I can say James and I went to another Japanese restaurant, we instead decided to check out one of his fond classics. I’m more tempted to say Kamen Rider than Neko Ramen Taishō ( 猫ラーメン) given all the live action Japanese superhero television shows I have seen. Neko Ramen seems no different than watching Sesame Street when there’s a puppet as the protagonist.

I have to ask: Is this film supposed to be about food? Give me the movie Tampopo to watch instead.

J: Let’s face it, our main character is made of foam rubber, but is soft and cuddly. William Thomas Jefferson III is a failure in his father’s eyes who would like nothing better than for his son to follow in his footsteps as a cat idol. But hawking moist cat food isn’t on the menu for William. Fallen from grace he tries his hand at odd jobs meeting dismal failure with each. At his wit’s end, he is rescued by a Ramen noodle chef with few words and plenty of wisdom for our cat to consume.

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