Before Ninjago Dragons Rising Might Be One More “United” Tale to Test The Masters of Spinjitzu!

Because the title Ninjago Dragons Rising suggests that search for the Elemental Dragons to save the day, that’s all that matters!

LEGO Ninjago Dragons Rising call it the MergeComing to Netflix June 1, 2023

Two new Ninjago related series are coming and they are Ninjago United and Ninjago Dragons Rising! The former is designed to bridge the gap between sagas and the other is what showrunners Chris “Doc” Wyatt and Kevin Burke consider new! The adventures of the Masters of Spinjitzu is at an end, and according to the info presented at the Internet Movie Database (June 6 update: according to Reddit, this entry is fake news) is that the mini-series will see the team in one more adventure dealing with Krux and Acronix (from “The Hands of Time”). They are about to do the unthinkable–to merge the remaining realms to some megaverse–and afterwards, is Dragons Rising. In the aftermath, some residents are doing what they can to accept everything, but there’s much more calamity to transpire!

The trailer recently released is a teaser for what’s to come, and it’s fair to say the focus is definitely on a new generation of warriors to defend freedom. One warning must be said though, don’t look at the IMDB entry for this series. A lot of information is apparently spilled there. What I offer is information from only the trailer: Here, we learn many realms have been torn apart by a new threat, and just who is leading this cosmic Battleworld is with a panther type lord. And here, I insert the obligatory spoiler alert. Continue reading “Before Ninjago Dragons Rising Might Be One More “United” Tale to Test The Masters of Spinjitzu!”

LEGO is Ready to DREAMZzz up The Trials of the Dream Chasers!

LEGO Dreamzzz The Trials of the Dream ChasersDebuting on various streaming services beginning May 15, 2023

The LEGO Company has an all new original series coming and what they want to DREAMZzz up are the Trials of the Dream Chasers! This group will have to rescue wayward souls trapped in the sleeping world, and yes, there’ll be product coming to toy stores too. As for what makes this series worth noting is that this series is the secret project former co-writer/showrunner of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Tommy Andreasen has been working on!

The episodes will be released weekly, so it can’t be binged. That’s alright when considering the content needs a sense of daily danger, and the wait for each release should be worthwhile, and the first batch isn’t it. There’s more slated for the end of Summer!

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LEGO Jurassic Park and Where to Find those Dinos

There’s new toy sets coming for this extension to the LEGO Jurassic Park brand.

LEGO Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Sets - All box artAlthough the LEGO Group revealed five new playsets as part of the 30th anniversary of the original Jurassic Park movie a while ago, what’s next in other media fronts remains unknown. Instead of reporting this news right away, I was hoping for additional news about the LEGO Jurassic Park license before saying anything, but alas nothing has been announced.

I’m a huge fan of the animated series which is a follow up of the original trilogy and every month or so, I binge watch the silliness that goes on. This particular licensed IP debuted in 2015 as a video game from TT Fusion, and I just chuckle at the thought of LEGO dinosaurs tearing brick buildings up during their rampage.

In the meantime, I’ll be eying the following playsets that will be available to purchase on June 1, 2023.

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Ranking The Five Best LEGO Ninjago Seasons and Bonus Videos from LEGO Group!

The Five Best LEGO Ninjago seasons to watch are listed here, and it’s sure to be debated on.

Five Best LEGO Ninjago Seasons Starting with the series that started it allAvailable to view on Netflix (worldwide) and YouTube

After two specials and sixteen story arcs, the two series that make up LEGO Ninjago–The Masters of Spinjitzu and Ninjago–is at an end. After doing many rewatches of this excellent series, I can finally say what are my Five Best LEGO Ninjago seasons to watch. The reason behind the separation is silly, since the naming convention is to distinguish which studio did what; but for a fan like me, it’s the same series and I prefer to acknowledge it as a whole unit.

I found my feelingx mixed when the end suggested the this team is retiring. Technically, the word is something else, but when considering all that’s being talked about within the fandom community on Reddit and other sources, this fact is certain. I’ve also expounded upon the last few seasons too when I realised I really love this series. As for what I feel may be coming next, I’ll explore in part two that will be published the following week. This list goes from least to best.

Season 1
Rise of the Snakes

Technically, the pilot and the first three seasons can easily be lumped together, since they follow one after another to a fitting finale. The reason behind including this set is because it establishes all the relationships going on between the Ninja and their allies. I’m glad the producers planned for a short series run, and when it became a mega success, they were then able to expand upon the world. This run offers a lot of hints at what would get developed in later seasons and they are easy to spot when rewatched.

Rise of the Snakes certainly sets the tone for everything that could come, and when they did after season four, oh boy, rewatching this arc is even all the better! Thankfully, newcomers don’t have to subscribe to Netflix to see this series. The LEGO Company has made the early seasons available to view free on YouTube (depending on country).

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The Entire Ninjago Crystalized Season Should’ve Been A Movie

Ninjago Crystalized feels very anticlimactic, and yes, a new season is expected in 2023.

Ninjago CrystalizedComing to Netflix Canada on December 1st
Spoiler Alert

Season 16 of Ninjago should simply be called Ninjago Crystalized The Movie. I refrained from continuing to post weekly looks back a few episodes after the mid-season cliffhanger when I realised that. Now that the run is finished on Teletoon, I can finally reflect upon all that’s been revealed, said and done. With no surprise, now that one contract is over, other services can stream it.

These days, the team led by Lloyd isn’t always hailed as heroes. Nearly everybody loves them, except for the new Mayor and certain bounty hunters like Hounddog McBrag. That made up the first half of the series. By the time the team figures out who’s the mastermind, chaos erupts, we learn a few emotional things about certain characters, namely P.I.X.E.L., and see the return of characters from previous seasons. With no surprise, when the populace sees the Overlord is back, everyone is running! Even that leader of the city is considering abandoning his post.

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