LEGO is Ready to DREAMZzz up The Trials of the Dream Chasers!

LEGO Dreamzzz The Trials of the Dream ChasersDebuting on various streaming services beginning May 15, 2023

The LEGO Company has an all new original series coming and what they want to DREAMZzz up are the Trials of the Dream Chasers! This group will have to rescue wayward souls trapped in the sleeping world, and yes, there’ll be product coming to toy stores too. As for what makes this series worth noting is that this series is the secret project former co-writer/showrunner of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Tommy Andreasen has been working on!

The episodes will be released weekly, so it can’t be binged. That’s alright when considering the content needs a sense of daily danger, and the wait for each release should be worthwhile, and the first batch isn’t it. There’s more slated for the end of Summer!

Here, Mateo has to learn how to become a Dream Warrior. He has the ability to influence what goes on in dreams, and he mostly goes on happy scenarios when sleeping.

However, there’s something sinister at work, and the creatures from the nightmare realm are causing problems. They are now manifesting in the waking world and nobody knows why. The organisation led by Mr. Oswald are its protectors and have a big mystery to solve, and they recruit Mateo. He will be joining Izzie, Cooper, Logan and Zoey in their fight! Unlike Nightmare on Elm Street, the concepts I see are different. In this miniseries, these brave kids have the power of imagination to help them fight against these occult threats!

Not much can be gleaned from the trailer, as it offers glimpses of what may be the first three episodes as Mateo hones his skills. The LEGO brand is really prominent here, and the creature creations are a blend of various set themes made into one! The overall animation style has the feel of LEGO Friends, and in terms of keeping with the brand, other product lines like Bionicle and Technic are added on top. It’s good this showrunner is building ideas to turn into stories, and by the summer build sets will be on the shelves.

LEGO DreamZzz Promo Trailer

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