Before Ninjago Dragons Rising Will Be One More “United” Tale to Test The Masters of Spinjitzu!

Because the title Ninjago Dragons Rising suggests that search for the Elemental Dragons to save the day, that’s all that matters!

LEGO Ninjago Dragons Rising call it the MergeComing to Netflix June 1, 2023

Two new Ninjago related series are coming and they are Ninjago United and Ninjago Dragons Rising! The former is designed to bridge the gap between sagas and the other is what showrunners Chris “Doc” Wyatt and Kevin Burke consider new! The adventures of the Masters of Spinjitzu is at an end, and according to the info presented at the Internet Movie Database is that the mini-series will see the team in one more adventure dealing with Krux and Acronix (from “The Hands of Time”). They are about to do the unthinkable–to merge the remaining realms to some megaverse–and afterwards, is Dragons Rising. In the aftermath, some residents are doing what they can to accep everything, but there’s much more calamity to transpire!

The trailer recently released is a teaser for what’s to come, and it’s fair to say the focus is definitely on a new generation of warriors to defend freedom. One warning must be said though, don’t look at the IMDB entry for this series. A lot of information is apparently spilled there. What I offer is information from only the trailer: Here, we learn many realms have been torn apart by a new threat, and just who is leading this cosmic Battleworld is with a panther type lord. And here, I insert the obligatory spoiler alert. Continue reading “Before Ninjago Dragons Rising Will Be One More “United” Tale to Test The Masters of Spinjitzu!”

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