Is LEGO Jurassic World Finished? Legend of Isla Nublar and Double Trouble

23 Nov

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar is a superb non canonical prequel to the film. The plotting is right up there with Star Wars: The Freemakers and I liked the salutary lessons included in how to respect the animal kingdom. Also, this series makes the reptiles more intelligent than we take them for (when compared to the live-action). The Raptors understand Owen; it’s nice to see how his handling of them progressed from this show to the live action.

Knowing the prior special, The Secret Exhibit, is a must. Owen thought what he was employed for was a one-off job, but the attraction is with the girl instead of the island paradise. We see how he found his motorcycle, and it’s these nods that I truly appreciated.

Both series are currently available on Netflix. As for what’s next, the series is jumping ship to other networks to say dinosaurs are not dead. They’re just confused.

Thankfully, the characters involved throughout the series are focussed. Although they have a one track mind in terms of character development–like Owen always saying he wants his pay check, Claire regularly pining for that promotion, and Vic wanting to walk–no, take down a dinosaur–the better parts come from how close the hero and heroine become. They are bonding, showing a lot more than the movies ever did. Between the first film and Fallen Kingdom, all we learned was that Owen and Claire’s romance did not last. It fell apart.

LEGO Jurassic World: The Legend of Isla Nublar |

The episode “Symptoms!” showed Owen always had feelings for Claire since day one. The movies never delved into their relationship up close. This series makes everyone know (but them) that they will be a couple. Plus, we even see how close this dinosaur trainer is with his dog, Red. There’s jealousy and even hurt feelings here from man’s best friend in

The back story kept me glued. The bad guys are after pirate treasure hidden somewhere on the island, and I wanted to see Dennis succeed! He’s the leader, and his plan to build his own Disneyland is regularly stymied if he can ever get that VHS tape which Claire has. It’s important to his plans, and thankfully she hasn’t viewed it. The story arc comes to a conclusion, but after all that’s said and done, the series left me yearning for more.

Thankfully, LEGO Jurassic World: Double Trouble tries to solve that! It aired on Family Network last weekend in Canada. This episode sees Cedric and his brother Simon Masrani have a run of the park, and deal with a pair of Indominus Rex babies that Dr Wu hatches. The sibling rivalry adds some humour, but it’s really nothing new. True to franchise, chaos ensues as everyone–Owen and Claire included–are after the hatchlings! They escaped. Anyone who missed seeing this one time broadcast are out of luck as there’s no word if they’ll be repeated. Not even The LEGO Company can say where they’ll air next.

According to NickALive these episodes will eventually hit Peacock Kids on YouTube. I suspect a world tour will take place in other territories before we find this special in a complete home video release or otherwise. A hard jungle hunt shows it’s available to purchase to view on Google Play but for those who don’t want to pay the entry fee, good things come who wait, otherwise fans will surely go on a rampage!

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