I’m Walking on Sunshine with Weathering With You’s 4K Release!

Weathering With You 4K Box SetGKIDS & Shout! Factory
Available as a Blu-Ray Steelbook release and on 4K

Everything you want to know about this 4K release but were afraid to ask is more or less here in this unboxing video!

Yes, there’s several editions of this home video release, and deciding on which one to buy really depends on what your home entertainment system is. But for those who have that fully decked out 4K home theatre setup will want to know if this edition is worth getting or not.  I not only break down the contents that’s found in this collector’s edition for 4K video enthusiasts but also go into detail in what the booklet offers.

The video is as follows:

Postscript: Watching this video on 4K is very pristine. The DTS audio presentation is 5.1 sound; I fiddled with which audio decoding specification I wanted to get that sound experience I wanted. Plus, with the extra resolution, viewers can see exactly what director Makoto Shinkai meant when he wanted his team to give those puddles of water that truly reflective look. Just when people thought 1080p (bluray) was great, the higher resolution truly shows off the gossamer quality. If that was done by hand, the hours spent would have been tremendous!


Author: Ed Sum

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