A Guide to Fixing Everything Hasbro’s Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Action Figures Got Wrong

As much as I love owning these toys from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, there’s problems in the manufacturing. Some of the issues can be fixed by doing what I didn’t get right the during my first attempt.

Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Classics - Eric Packaging ProblemsThe two most problematic figures in Hasbro’s action figure line for the 40th anniversary of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon are Hank the Ranger and Eric the Cavalier. With the first toy, the arms are not fully posable. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get him to look like he’s in a comfortable pose to fire his energy bow.

For Eric, the colour on his chain mail armour is wrong. As a result, I had to laugh at the packaging since it shows the inconsistency of the product box art to the figure. It’s easy to add some oomph to the energy with either fluorescent or UV reactive paint, but if it can’t glow in daylight, it’s not worth the extra effort. Instead, I recommend using enamel (like Testors) over acrylic paint for improving both.

To be honest, neither holds onto the plastic very well, even after priming. Repainting them comes with a warning: touch-ups may be required. This. issue is especially true for Hank holding his electrified bow.

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Remembering the Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon 40 Years Later, and a Full Review of the Action Figure Release

The 80s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon is beloved by many, and it’s about time there’s toys for it! But are they worth the price?

Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon ClassicsAvailable to purchase on Hasbro Pulse

It’s tough to say if Hasbro release of the action figures for the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was produced out of full respect for its anniversary or to say thank you for the fish. This series debuted Sept 17th, 1983 and back then, it was credited to TSR Inc. as the proprietary owners. Eventually, that company was sold to Wizards of the Coast in 1999, which in turn would later become part of this mega toy manufacturer’s family.

Just how well either company markets material that isn’t part of the game is worth researching. Here, instead of releasing these figures closer to the day of, they have been out since April 2023 with very little advertisement. I never saw anything on network television or in the pop culture online magazines I read. I knew of this product only because of industry news. As a result, the likelihood to see further products is very slim.

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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is 40-Years Old and Regarding Its Anniversary Re-Release!

In what shines are the two new featurettes. We have “40 Years of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial,” an all new retrospective of the film, and “TCM Classic Film Festival’s An Evening with Steven Spielberg.”

The Extra-Terrestrial is 40-Years OldAlso playing at Victoria IMAX Oct 27-31.

It’s hard to believe E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is 40-years old. This movie was developed hot after Close Encounters of a Third Kind, and to say it belongs in the same universe is a feasible fan theory. To say this has been confirmed isn’t in the new featurettes in this celebratory re-release, but I get the sense that Spielberg would be okay with it. He interest in UFOlogy may have been limited to these two films, but when we consider his War of the Worlds adaptation, the idea does fall apart.

Anyone who didn’t purchase the prior versions isn’t missing much. I could have picked up the 35th anniversary release, which had a 4K restoration, but I don’t always count this year as a seminal milestone. This latest release does one better, and it’s all in the two new featurettes made for this release. In terms of collectables, the ultimate set (available on Amazon USA) offers a collectible tin tote, thermos, booklet and Certificate of Authenticity for the die-hard collector to proudly display. Another release adds a Bendy Figs figurine for Walmart, and the Steelbook updates the art (Target). Anyone wanting either just needs to ask a friend in the States to buy or one can order online.

All the material from prior releases (deleted scenes, the evolution, and creation of E.T., and 20th anniversary premiere) are offered in this collection. The old content are:

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Disney’s TRON Celebrates 40 Years! So Where is Flynn Hiding Now?

Disney’s TRON is celebrating 40 years! So what can we expect from this franchise now?

TRON Original Poster

On July 9th, Disney’s TRON will celebrate 40 years! This story about whether the digital world is truly alive is one reason why fans love this IP. The other is in the fact that the avatars found in The Grid are fighting for freedom against an oppressive overlord. It was a time before the Internet, so to leave one world to enslave others from another meant hacking away at those barriers which protected each individual computer from a larger world.

The idea has been furthered in other works on television and film. Although the digital domain or examination of the hoodoo that goes on isn’t always the focus, Mainframe’s Reboot and even The Matrix is influenced by this film. But to return to this discourse has been difficult. Two movies have been made. The first one dealt with introducing viewers–to which Flynn (Jeff Bridges) learned just how sentient the programs are. Nobody back then really thought about the discourse writer/director Steven Lisberger wrote when Dr. Walter Gibbs spoke out.

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Celebrating 40 Years of BMW Japan’s Brand with Yoshiki!

Yoshiki (musician) - WikipediaFriday, October 22nd, 2021
7:00 PM JST / 6:00 AM EDT / 3:00 AM PDT
FREE on BMW Arena website 

Legendary Japanese rock star and composer Yoshiki will be joining BMW Japan for a very special performance to celebrate their 40th Anniversary this year. To commemorate the occasion, the iconic automotive brand will be hosting an online event titled “BMW Arena: Living With What’s Important To The Next Generation” on Friday, October 22nd (Japan Time).

Fans can tune in to watch at 7 PM JST / 6 AM EST via the BMW Arena’s official website.

“I feel grateful to be invited to perform for the 40th anniversary of BMW Japan, as we look toward the next generation of automobiles. Please join me,” shares Yoshiki.

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