Remembering the Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon 40 Years Later, and a Full Review of the Action Figure Release

The 80s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon is beloved by many, and it’s about time there’s toys for it! But are they worth the price?

Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon ClassicsAvailable to purchase on Hasbro Pulse

It’s tough to say if Hasbro release of the action figures for the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was produced out of full respect for its anniversary or to say thank you for the fish. This series debuted Sept 17th, 1983 and back then, it was credited to TSR Inc. as the proprietary owners. Eventually, that company was sold to Wizards of the Coast in 1999, which in turn would later become part of this mega toy manufacturer’s family.

Just how well either company markets material that isn’t part of the game is worth researching. Here, instead of releasing these figures closer to the day of, they have been out since April 2023 with very little advertisement. I never saw anything on network television or in the pop culture online magazines I read. I knew of this product only because of industry news. As a result, the likelihood to see further products is very slim.

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Lotsa Products Coming for Godzilla vs Kong, Leading Up to & After!

Godzilla vs Kong - Godzilla

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Kaiju-Pow! The slow and steady rollout of Playmates line of Godzilla vs Kong toys have wave two set for Spring 2021 (according to Twitter) and as for whether I spotted them sitting on shelves too early is debatable. 

Trolls on online forums will be just that, ruining my excitement of a late self discovery. I’ve seen the earlier wave of releases and they’re not as cool, When local governments say stay at home as much as possible, any find I make at a big box store for toys and household supply restocking is not meant to time with the release schedule of products for my hobbies.

With the movie finally headed to theatres and online in March, the products now available in stores are always exciting to examine. I missed my opportunities to purchase the light up Identity Discs from TRON Legacy. they were gone, faster than I thought, but this time I’m on the ball.

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Toy Review: HGRC Gundam G-Self Assault Pack

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

YouTube user ZakuAurelius reviews the HGRC 1/144 scale model kit of the Gundam G-Self Assault Pack.

The unfinished product was shown in a video earlier in June by Zaku. To make things easier for the readers, the videos will be shown in chronological order. Otaku no Culture will start with the earlier vid of the product in it’s original package to the newest video featuring the assembled kit.



This product will be available in North America by June 29, 2015 through distributor Bluefin. You can pre-order this product by clicking here.

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