Disney’s TRON Celebrates 40 Years! So Where is Flynn Hiding Now?

Disney’s TRON is celebrating 40 years! So what can we expect from this franchise now?

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On July 9th, Disney’s TRON will celebrate 40 years! This story about whether the digital world is truly alive is one reason why fans love this IP. The other is in the fact that the avatars found in The Grid are fighting for freedom against an oppressive overlord. It was a time before the Internet, so to leave one world to enslave others from another meant hacking away at those barriers which protected each individual computer from a larger world.

The idea has been furthered in other works on television and film. Although the digital domain or examination of the hoodoo that goes on isn’t always the focus, Mainframe’s Reboot and even The Matrix is influenced by this film. But to return to this discourse has been difficult. Two movies have been made. The first one dealt with introducing viewers–to which Flynn (Jeff Bridges) learned just how sentient the programs are. Nobody back then really thought about the discourse writer/director Steven Lisberger wrote when Dr. Walter Gibbs spoke out.

He said, “And our spirit remains in every program we design for this computer,” and Ed Dillinger responded, “Walter, it’s getting late, I’ve got better things to do than to have religious discussions with you.”

It was a missed opportunity for the film to get spiritual, but in the second film, the idea gets played with a little. Flynn’s new digital counterpart rebels against him almost like Satan did to God (to which Flynn is playing). It results in him trying to find a way to save the world he built, but he can’t do it alone. His son is looking for him, and when he gets digitised, he helps, and discovers that the problems from the past has a way of repeating in the present day.

As for whether that third film will get made to continue this story, there’s been a bit of talk this year about it. Furthermore, based on what I’ve found in my research, it may be a continuation of where the Legacy left off.

According to Screenrant dated back on March 22 of this year, Jared Leto is still attached to this project and the tentative title is TRON: Ares. Garth Davis (Lion) remains this film’s director and Jesse Wugutow is the screenwriter.

Over at Slash Film, Joshua Meyer wrote, “If my math is right, we should be due for a third “Tron” movie in 2038, but it could have happened a lot sooner if Kosinski had gotten his way. In an interview with Vulture (via Variety), the filmmaker revealed he had written and story boarded a sequel called “Tron: Ascension” before Disney decided not to move forward on the project.”

Despite the lack of movement for the film, fans do have TRON: Uprising to watch and two comic books to enjoy.

TRON Uprising Book Cover

TRON: Ghost in the Machine (Slave Labour Comics, Amazon Link)

TRON: Betrayal (Marvel Comics, Amazon Link)

Neither adds too much to the canon, but they are a must for any collector. In the toy front, there’s very little new product to offer to collectors. Diamond Select Toys still has in limited supply their Deluxe Action Figure Set, but as for anything direct from Disney, the well has run dry.

Hopefully, some news will surface as the official birthday comes near to where the franchise is going. We have at select Disney World parks around the world, TRON Lightcycle Run. This studio’s commitment may not always include new material, but at least they know that fans still love this world.

As for video games, I’ve looked at what’s available in the past. The following articles are worth the read for a blast of the retro and what people can do to play in this digital world for one more time!

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