The Brave and the Bold in Merry Little Batman, Saving Xmas on Amazon Prime!

…and no, there’s no product placement involved in this wonderful animated special about one little Merry Little Batman under the Christmas tree.

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Spoiler Alert

Fans expecting an animated superhero film much like past direct to video efforts will be in for a surprise in Merry Little Batman. This presentation feels very British, and much of that comes from the production and character designs. Also, when the best moments are from the British voice over talent pool instead of the American ones, all I could do was laugh out loud.

Ultimately, I feel this action adventure comedy puts a few ideas from Home Alone, Spitting Image and A Christmas Story into a blender, and what’s splattered out is just nutters! 

And as the title implies, this holiday themed special is about a kid who wants to become the next Caped Crusader. When news of this movie was announced, I thought it might be about a young Bruce Wayne learning how to become a hero during Christmas vacation, but I was wrong. Instead, it’s about his son Damian (Yonas Kibreab) and his relationship with his father (Luke Wilson). 

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Let’s Hope The Birth of the Blue Beetle is Not Shortlived

Just why this scarab known as the Blue Beetle exists isn’t fully explained in what is clearly the first film in a series, but will we see more movies made?

Blue Beetle Movie PosterÁngel Manuel Soto‘s take on DC Comics Mesoamerican hero, the Blue Beetle shows plenty of promise, but sadly the likelihood of more films is slim. What’s set up deserves a proper trilogy. But because of James Gunn and Peter Safran now handling the chores of managing the DC Cinematic Universe have other plans, if the Bluey’s adventures continues, this director will need the boss’s approval.

Unlike other origin stories, just how this director charts Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) transition to becoming a superhero is at least a bit different. Instead of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, he’s been given a gift. Just how he uses it depends on how much of a pure heart he has.

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Thoughts on the Best Super Bowl Sunday Movie Trailers

Out of the 10 Super Bowl Sunday Movie Trailers and 2 TV spots, we give our thoughts on the best ones that got us excited for the film thsmelves!

Super Bowl Sunday Movie TrailersMost regular film previews can last up to two minutes, but that’s provided you’re seeing them in theatres. Unfortunately, all of the Super Bowl Sunday movie trailers satisfies this criteria. The Flash is its own independent entry than make the list because I thought, “Didn’t I see this before?”

I’ll have to watch my home video release of the television series’ first season to verify if the house is indeed the same architecture, and check if that version of Barry Allen reacted the same way when witnessing his mom’s death. The interior of that home might have been reused, and aside from that, we learn Batman will be key to this adaptation of Flashpoint. His role may well save an otherwise maybe doomed film.

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An Easy Guide on what Black Adam is Missing

All the missing elements in the Black Adam may well be saved for when the next chapter of Teth Adam’s life as ruler of Kahndaq gets written.

Black Adam Film PosterSpoiler Alert

The biggest problem the movie Black Adam has is that the writing team is mixing decades of lore into one film. It can’t be done when considering the fact that past iterations of this antihero had varied modus operandi. I’m more knowledgeable of the Fawcett era version and early animated takes. Although I kept track of the revisions in later years when DC Comics overhauled the character, the only bits I liked is in how a certain beauty managed to soothe the savage beast who may or may not be Egyptian.

I really wanted a The Scorpion King in-joke with this film, but alas it didn’t happen.

From 1995’s The Power of Shazam, the archaeological discovery of this sleeping hero is used. In the Justice Society of America series, the city he was born in is Kahndaq rather than Ancient Egypt. Finally, that this antihero wants to bring “peace” to this nation is from 2003’s JSA: Black Reign story arc. Even after reading the trade paperbacks of The 52 (Rise and Fall of an Empire and Black Reign) and the film’s pre-release comics–which should’ve been distributed in movie theatres too–this motion picture doesn’t always make sense.

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Black Adam Action Figures. Is it Lighting in a Bottle for Spin Master?

Spin Master Has Black Adam Action Figures, and the best toy is with the Power Punch!

Black Adam Light UpDespite what critics are saying about the movie, I’ll be keeping my eyes out for what Black Adam Action Figures Spin Master will be releasing next. They have the exclusive DC license to this movie, and unlike those collectables for adults, what’s offered here is designed for abuse.

That is, I might test the quality by putting a firecracker under the toy to emulate what this anti-hero can withstand (as implied by the movie). Despite what the critics are saying about this film and what I said elsewhere, I believe this film is quality WWE style entertainment and nothing else. Anyone expecting more will be let down. It’s best to go in with low expectations.

And as for what’s next, I have high hopes for what wave two will entail! Personally, I hope the other characters will get a “Power Punch” edition. This movie shouldn’t be just about Black Adam. I want a version with Doctor Fate! Also, I’m more excited for what vehicles will be translated over. For now, all we have is one aeroplane to put those heroes in (who can’t fly). Plus, there’s a certain villain I’m waiting for confirmation on instead of me speculating on the next batch.

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