Black Adam Action Figures. Is it Lighting in a Bottle for Spin Master?

Spin Master Has Black Adam Action Figures, and the best toy is with the Power Punch!

Black Adam Light UpDespite what critics are saying about the movie, I’ll be keeping my eyes out for what Black Adam Action Figures Spin Master will be releasing next. They have the exclusive DC license to this movie, and unlike those collectables for adults, what’s offered here is designed for abuse.

That is, I might test the quality by putting a firecracker under the toy to emulate what this anti-hero can withstand (as implied by the movie). Despite what the critics are saying about this film and what I said elsewhere, I believe this film is quality WWE style entertainment and nothing else. Anyone expecting more will be let down. It’s best to go in with low expectations.

And as for what’s next, I have high hopes for what wave two will entail! Personally, I hope the other characters will get a “Power Punch” edition. This movie shouldn’t be just about Black Adam. I want a version with Doctor Fate! Also, I’m more excited for what vehicles will be translated over. For now, all we have is one aeroplane to put those heroes in (who can’t fly). Plus, there’s a certain villain I’m waiting for confirmation on instead of me speculating on the next batch.

They have four product lines now available in stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target.

Black Adam - Doctor Fate Spin Master ToysBlack Adam Action Figures 4-inch

Get ready to bring these characters to life! Each 4-inch figure features incredible details, authentic Black Adam movie styling and 9 points of articulation, so you can pose them into dynamic stances and recreate epic adventures. Collect Black Adam, Hawkman (pictured left), Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher and Cyclone in the 4-inch scale. Each figure comes with 2 accessories. Figures sold separately.

MSRP: $8.99. Age: 3+.

Black Adam - HawkmanBlack Adam Action Figures 12-inch

Black Adam, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher and Cyclone come in 12-inch form! These action figures feature 11 points of articulation, incredible details and true-to-film movie styling. Engage your imagination, take down evil, and pose your figures however you’d like!

Each sold separately.

MSRP: $10.49. Age: 3+

Black Adam Action Figures Black Adam Power Punch

Unleash justice on the modern world with this poseable, 12-inch Black Adam feature figure with 11 points of articulation, authentic move sculpts and detailing. Squeeze Black Adam’s legs to throw a power punch at enemies.
Press his chest to light it up and hear 20+ movie phrases and sounds. Includes two interchangeable accessories—punch blast and lightning—with unique sounds and light effects.

MSRP: $24.99. Age: 4+.

Black Adam Action FiguresBlack Adam Hawk Cruiser Patrol Play Set

With an impressive 16-inch wingspan, the Hawk Cruiser Patrol playset is sure to be a movie merch favourite! Recreate epic movie action at home with this authentic Hawk Cruiser featuring detailed sculpt and movie styling, plus two included 4-inch figures of Black Adam and Hawkman. Open the bay doors, load Black Adam and Hawkman into the Hawk Cruiser and go wherever the action happens. Compatible with all 4-inch action figures.

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