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On Rampage and Its Salute to Toho Films

21 Apr

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Somewhere along the way, the movie adaptation of the video game Rampage forgot its video game roots. The monsters were once human. They were mutated from the craziest of sources and to tell the entire backstory is a movie in itself! I’m okay with this core change. It would have made for an amusing B-Movie horror film back in the 50’s, but these days, the demands are elsewhere.

Audiences want it loud. Production studios want realism. For me, I have too much of a cat’s curiousity. I want to see what kind of story can materialize from many an 80’s arcade game. Not all of them had enough of a narrative to begin with.

No matter what, Dwayne Johnson, can do no wrong. His natural charm and the investment he makes into the roles will usually get me buying a movie ticket for. Even when he was a wrestler, this guy is the only reason I paid attention to the WWE. I can smell what The Rock is cooking, and that’s his natural charm. When he has that pearly white smile, you know you are in for a ride. He makes anything he appears in just that gosh darn fun.

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Could there be a trilogy with the new Jumanji? A Late Movie Review & Thoughts

19 Jan

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

More eyes were on Star Wars: The Last Jedi last month than Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. After all, it’s tough to beat the Robin Williams classic. When compared to movies of today, the effects are dated and a lot of blue screening was done to get animals to overlay with the human actors. The 1995 film had elements which played around with the themes of taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Flash forward to the 2017 film. The premise skirts around a few of the original themes, but instead simply have fun with it. The world is expanded upon and it feels like Temple Run, the mobile and online game. If anyone plans on taking the treasure, they better be darn sure they can escape! Instead of a board game, the product transforms into a video game and sucks new people into its world, like the 1982 film TRON.

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Dwayne Johnson is Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze!

15 May

DwayneJohnsonPublicityBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

This has been brewing for some time but people knew it had to happen eventually. With Dwayne Johnson‘s love for superheros, it makes sense that he would wish to star in Doc Savage since he is already set to star in a film of a hero as equally recognizable, Shazam. Shane Black, who wrote and directed Iron Man 3, will be performing the same duties with Doc Savage. Filming is set to begin sometime in 2017. Originally Black expressed interest in Chris Hemsworth of Marvel’s Thor but whether or not Hemsworth turned down the role or Black shelved the idea, that hasn’t stopped Black from telling media that Dwayne Johnson is the man for the job. Johnson with his chiseled good looks, defined physique, and incredible on-screen charisma would be fitting to play the Man of Bronze. And now it appears this is happening. Johnson has all but officially confirmed his role. Johnson has been one to allow his fans a peek at the behind-the-scenes of his films before and why would this nod to Doc Savage be any different. Johnson revealed via his Instagram account:

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San Andreas Loves to Shake It Up! A Movie Review

29 May

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is ready to shake, rattle and roll in San Andreas. His charm is what carries this film and for fans of his works, this movie is no different from watching, for example, Race to Witch Mountain, which reunites him with Carla Cugino.

This disaster movie is going to change the California coast line and Roland Emmerich cannot be any more prouder. In a plot that’s fairly cut and dry, just what can anyone expect out of this movie that will most likely not get seismophobics out to see? Maybe the story: as with most films in this genre, the tale has to focus on uniting a family who’ve been separated by some domestic squabble. In Ray’s (Johnson) case, it’s with what he could not do to rescue one of his two daughters when he decided to take her on an wilderness outing. As a pilot for Los Angeles Search & Rescue (L.A.F.D.) team, he should realize that he can’t rescue everyone. Since that incident, he’s been wrestling with his demons, and that caused a riff between his wife, Emma (Cugino). The two share a good on-screen chemistry so that may be why they are working together again. Their surviving daughter, Blake (Alexandra Daddario), has forgiven daddy, but that has not helped this family stay together.

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